Mailing List -Top mailing list providers you should choose for your marketing needs


Mailing List -Top mailing list providers you should choose for your marketing needs

A mailing list is a very important aspect of any website and it can also be an alternative source of traffic if done properly. Mailing list providers are software’s that one can use to send mail to a large number of subscribers at the same time.

Before we continue, it is important to understand the mechanism behind an email list because it is only when you understand the mechanism that you can know the essence of this post.

A mailing list is a list of subscribers that one can send an email to on a regular basis and the email can contain a news update or latest blog posts, or promote new products.

To get a list of subscribers, one would have to place a signup or popup form on a website by just placing a simple HTML code between the head elements of your website. The amount of fields on your signup form has to be minimal because it tends to increase the Conversion rate.

There are lots of mailing list software but this article would outline a few of the popular ones that you should consider using for your website.

MailChimp: Mailchimp is one of my favourite mailing services and the reason being that it is free of charge though with some limitations attached to it so you cannot access the full plan until you pay for it.

Mailchimp has a landing page creator, nice templates for emails, and other important things that can help you send mails effectively to your mailing list. Mailchimp’s free plan allows one to send a limited number of mails and once you have exceeded that limited, you would have to pay for it.

Aweber: Aweber is one of the most popular mailing services and it has a lot of templates for subscribers, and landing pages. Aweber costs $19 per month for a list of 500 subscribers, and $49 for three months for a list of 500 subscribers and finally, $193 for a year and this is still for the same amount of subscribers.

Getresponse: Getresponse is the best mass ailing software that one can use and this is due to a lot of reasons. The following are features of Getresponse:

  • Email marketing features: Getresponse has great email marketing features and this is aided by the drag and drop feature that allows you to send emails that can convert easily. Some of the emails that one can send with Getresponse are Newsletters, autoresponders, automation emails, automated blog digest, perfectly timed emails, and transaction emails.
  • Landing pages feature: With the landing page feature, you can build landing pages that can easily convert and also turn your business into a profitable one. You can either use a free domain or a custom domain and each page has SSL and SEO tools to optimize for search engines. Finally, there are a lot of professionally designed landing pages available for those who cannot create one.
  • Webinars features: With Getresponse, you can create webinars and this is one of the features that distinguish it from other mass mailing software. With this webinar feature, you can customize your webinar URL, enable registration, choose subscriber settings, and start collecting leads.
  • Marketing automation features: With this feature, you can create automation such as sending an email whenever someone signs up to your email list or an ebook once someone performs an action.
  • Web Ads Features: With this feature, you can build and manage your ads from getresponse and this can either be facebook ads/google ads and it also has a social ads creator and a facebook pixel.
  • Conversion funnels: With Getresponse, one can create any of the following funnels: Single opt-in funnel, lead magnet funnel, sales funnel, and webinar funnels.
  • Web push notifications: With this feature, you can get push subscribers with custom opt-in prompts and some of the features that make it unique are the ability to add a logo, the ability to add custom colours.

Getresponse has a thirty (30) days trial and it also has four plans namely basic, plus, professional, and max. The basic plan costs $15 for 1,000 subscribers in a month while the plus and professional plans cost $49 and $99 for 1,000 subscribers in a month and the max plan price is not yet fixed.

SendBlaster: This is a software that can be used to send or blast mails to a large mailing list and the good thing is that this software can be downloaded and this makes it different from other mailing software that have to be used online. Sendblaster has more than 230 well designed and optimized templates that you can use to email your subscribers.

Mautic: Mautic is a free bulk mailing software that is made mainly for small and medium businesses that do send emails to their followers on a regular basis. Mautic has over 35 languages and your server must meet the requirements before you can use it to ensure that you read through the requirements thoroughly before using it.


Mass mailing software is numerous but in this post, we mentioned a few of them that are very easy to use and also popular. Finally, please note that the paid ones have the best features so if you have the money to afford the subscription fee then go ahead and pay but if you cannot then you can make use of the free ones.


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