How to make money online as a student


How to make money online as a student 

As youths, when we get to a certain age, we start reasoning on how to make our own money and stop relaying on our parents for money. We always dream of a life where easy and fast money can be made. Dream of driving fancy cars and owning the latest gadget. 

We surf the web looking for quick and easy money. Going through all kinds of things we see online. As a student, I have ventured into so many things, from MMM to charity to loom and so many more. They all work at the beginning, earning cool cash, and at a point, they all fail. 

They all fail because they work on a system whereby they get money from someone and give it to another person. People flood in money, and the owners of the platform gets their own share and use the rest to pay people that have been in the platform before you.

The circle goes on till it finally gets to your turn. When the system has so many people requesting more funds than those putting in funds, the owners of the platform run out of money to pay the people and run away with what they have. Only those that started early with the platform actually benefit from the platform. 

I have tried so many get-rich-quick schemes online and have lost money in lots of them. Making money is taking a risk. If you are too afraid of losing money, you will not make money. Any legit platform will not give you money for free, and you will need to work for your money.

Be ready to move out of your comfort zone as a student, hustle, take risks, invest and don’t fear losing money. Before you learn how to ride a bicycle properly, you must fall. When you lose money, don’t give up, Rome was not built in a day. Strive very hard, read motivational books and always be very ready to learn new things. 

How to make money online

Going through various make-money schemes online, I have found two good and legit ways of making money online. You must be very willing to move out of your comfort zone and learn and adapt. Below are the two possible ways of making money online as a student. 

  • Become a freelancer

To be a freelancer, you need to research and find out what is lacking in the community job-wise and also what people are looking for. When you have done this, you should be willing to learn that skill, perfect the skill then place yourself in the market.

For example, you are studying engineering in school, and, before you get a job in an engineering field, you have to finish school, get your degree, pass the engineering exams and also get not less than 5 years of experience in the field. Because of this, you should be willing to learn something else like graphic design, web dev or even content writing.

With these additional skills, you can actually go online and look for jobs or gigs. They are so many freelancing software that actually helps you advertise yourself. We have software like Upworks and Fiverr. Build your profile on these platforms and get gigs online and get paid for it. 

  • Online trading 

In the world now, we have so many trading platforms. You can decide to trade cryptocurrency or currency trading. Learn how to trade the forex market. The forex market is a very good platform to make money online. So many have benefited from the forex market and so many have turned it to a career.

You must be determined and driven to learn how to analyze and predict the forex market. If you can understand and analyze the forex market, you can make money online from forex trading. Forex has made so many rich. With forex trading and proper analysis, you can make up to $1000 monthly. 

In conclusion, you must be willing to invest. If you are not ready to invest both money and time to the two ways listed above, then you will not make money online. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes and be willing to work hard, and step out of your comfort zone to make money. No company is willing to spend money on you for no reason. Be ready to take risk and you will be able to prosper. 


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