Men hairstyle – 6 Cool Hairstyles For Men


Men hairstyle – 6 Cool Hairstyles For Men

Whether you have short, medium, thick, thin, curly, wavy or straight hair, I am certain you will want to come out of your barber’s shop looking so cool that you drag all the eyes and attention with you as you go or at least look smart enough. Even With the many new trends of men’s hairstyles popping up each year, short men’s hairstyles still remains as popular as ever.

There’s a hairstyle for everyone, for every face; If you decide to look like a chicken, there’s one for you, if you like the roundness and smooth of the hotdog, there’s smoothness for you. But don’t come to me if your decision is to look like God, He didn’t leave a picture of himself before leaving.

Following the ‘short sides with long hair on top’ hair trend, guys can achieve a variety of trendy men’s haircuts, from the undercut, the quiff, pompadour, slick back and the very modern comb over hairstyles.

There’ll be no need looking like Einstein, with his flaming IQ standing obviously outside his skull like gray fibers; Charlie Chaplain’s hair matching his moustache is no longer a comedian’s costume in these times and Hitler’s cartridge moustache would be no intimidation in recent times.

List of Hairstyles For Men

Let’s take a look at some of these Cool hairstyles;

1. The fade;

The fade which refers to the way you cut the sides and back of your hair and goes along with the undercut has become extremely popular with the emergence of the ‘ short sides, long top’ modern men’s hair craze. A fade is characterised by gradual shortening in hair length with longest hair at the top and shortest hair at the bottom.

How to style the fade; the fade is exclusively cut using clippers in a variety of styles ranging from high, mid, low and skin/bald fades. The decision to get either low or mid or high fade is a personal choice and depends on where you want the cut to start.

fade Men hairstyle
fade Men hairstyle


2. The undercut;

Instead of the gradually fading from top to bottom, the key feature of the undercut is the sharp distinction between the skin/bald sides and the voluminous top.

How to style; the undercut has so many variations each one requiring a different approach but generally it characterises buzzed sides and at least two inches of hair on the top even for variations like the disconnected and slicked back undercut, undercut with wavy fohawk, disconnected undercut with hard part comb over.

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For the hair on top, you will need to apply pomade, Wax or putty and distribute evenly before styling based on your choice, brushing all your hair back with a comb to get the slicked back, brushing up and back simultaneously for pompadour, pulling the hair forward for the Fringe, combing to the side for comb over or side sweep etc.

undercut Men hairstyle
undercut Men hairstyle


3. The Quiff;

This hairstyle is done with some height and volume, then finished off with a messy brushed back or combed over texture.

How to style; styling the Quiff requires at least 3 to 4 inches of hair on the top of your head. Apply some styling products to your hair to achieve proper height and texture then blow dry hair while pulling it up and back to create a volume using a brush for a slick quiff or your fingers for a messy Quiff.

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Quiff Men hairstyle
Quiff Men hairstyle


4. The comb-over;

This hairstyle is achieved with at least 2 to 4 inches of hair on top and a fade or undercut at the sides of the head.

How to style; apply a high-quality pomade to your towel-dried, slightly damp hair, comb or brush hair to one side, noting the natural part in your head to obtain the desired side part. For extra styling, you can comb or brush your hair back diagonally or create some lift and volume in the process.

comb-over Men hairstyle
comb-over Men hairstyle


5. Pompadour;

This hairstyle is known for presenting a dramatic appearance. It is quite voluminous, longest at the front of the head to give the pomp and gradually shortens towards the back of the head.

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How to style; your hair must be at least 2 to 3 inches long to give you the best base when applying a hair styling product. Be sure to evenly distribute the product into all of your hair in the front and the back, then brush your hair up and back with a comb, gently blow-drying into a pomp while combing the hair from roots up, in order to maximize the volume and hold of the pomade.

Pompadour Men hairstyle
Pompadour Men hairstyle


6. The fauxhawk;

This hairstyle is achieved with Short hair on the sides and long hair on the top that is styled towards the centre of the head. It is cut to mimic the mohawk but avoids the shaved sides prominent with a mohawk.

How to style; as long as you have at least 2 inches of hair on your head, then you can style your haircut to create a fauxhawk. To style the fauxhawk, start immediately after a shower leaving the hair slightly damp, applying a hair styling product and evenly distributing for a textured look.

Use a brush or your fingers to spike your hair upwards until it stands on its own to finally achieve the mohawk effect then push your hair together towards the centre of your head having the most volume and height.

fauxhawk Men hairstyle
fauxhawk Men hairstyle

When you rock any of these hairstyles, you are surely bound to look as cool as your favourite Superstar and as smart as a gentleman.

Do you have more styles to suggest on Men hairstyle – 6 Cool Hairstyles For Men? please use the comment section and we will include them.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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