Mental Health Issues: Signs to Watch out for and When to See a Doctor


Signs That Show You Need to Visit a Mental Health Doctor

Mental health issues are one of the health issues that shouldn’t be overlooked because it is very vital for the well-being of the brain and the nervous system in general. It has a great connection to the brain which is crucial and enables us to perform our daily activities.

When a mental issue develops in the body, it reduces the effective functioning of the brain and its cells thereby leading to mental impairment.

And to effectively reduce the occurrence of these mental issues, there are signs you have to watch out for. These signs indicate that mental health and well-being are threatened and that a proactive step should be taken to restore the total well-being of the nervous system.

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Signs of Mental Health Issues to Watch out for and When to See a Doctor

There are numerous signs to watch out for that tell you it is time to visit a mental health Doctor and they are listed below. Read on to find out more about them.

Signs that foretell the development of Mental Health Issues

They include:

  • Poor sleep: poor sleep can be a sign that forewarns you of the development of mental health issues and the need to act before it becomes irreversible.
  • Increased demand for isolation: sometimes, victims may be demanding more privacy, or will be wanting to keep to themselves in a way that makes it a little bit suspicious. The behaviour may signal the victim’s need for support.
  • Physical aggressiveness: This is always seen in people who do not have or exhibit a hot temperament but all of a sudden, they begin to get easily provoked, make sure you seek medical advice before it grows worse or irreversible.

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  • Social withdrawal: people who are showing signs of mental health issues may suddenly start withdrawing from social activities with little or no excuse to give. He or she should’ve monitored and a proactive step should be taken.
  • Excessive eating: this may not be noticed in people who have a great love for food but it is still one of the signs to watch out for.
  • Excessive drinking: when someone suddenly starts drinking excessively, that person may need support and attention which should be available.
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression or unhappy feeling
  • Guilty or worthless feeling
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Neglect of Duty
  • Strange thoughts and bizarre thinking
  • other symptoms that are not usual to you


When to see a Doctor

Changes in mood and behaviour indicate you should see a doctor for medical advice, noticeable changes in sleep pattern, appetite, and also social withdrawal may be an indicator for deeper mental issues which require immediate medical attention.

when your symptoms start increasing in intensity, and frequency and you begin to propagate distress not only to yourself but also to people around you, then know that it is high time you see a doctor.



Mental health issues are a broad topic which should not be given little attention because it has a lot to do with the nervous system and the brain in particular, and to effectively reduce these mental issues there are symptoms and signs that we should watch out for.

These signs are warnings that tell us that we ought to see a medical doctor.

According to Dr Gbonjubola Abiri, people should not say that they will do something only when something significant happens but rather they should be alarmed even by slight changes in mood and behaviours as that may be an indication that there is a development of mental issues and a need for support.

“Noticeable changes in appetite, sleep patterns and social withdrawal can be indicators of deeper mental health issues.”

The doctor also said that many people experience loneliness despite their constant presence on social media which is immensely contributing to mental health issues.

“Never has there been a time that people are so lonely, why are there many mental issues? Social media is contributing”

Immediately you start noticing these signs, visit a medical doctor, seek medical advice and follow the instructions that are given because a stitch in time saves nine.


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