2022 Most Expensive Smartphones, No 3 is Insane.


For a second you’d think you are accustomed to the latest iPhone or the price of the latest Samsung but below is the list of smartphone and their price tag that would leave you awed.

As the world is launched into crippling digitalization the fight to acclimatize to the reclining modernity has driven tech companies to balloon their innovations and unearth jaw-dropping devices that not only go beyond their customary purpose but as well drag along features straight from a sci-fi concept, and with that alone the demand for a hike in price tag has become needful.

The most expensive phones in 2022, No 3 is insane;

1. Black diamond Iphone5
Price: $15.3million
Product: Apple

 The black diamond iphone5 broke the market the moment it was introduced in 2013, with Hughes Stuart doing a wonderful job and crafting the smart device with a 26 diamond carats home button, a scratch-proof sapphire glass screen, 600 immaculate diamond, 135 grams of 24 carats gold and a consecution of nine weeks the black diamond iPhone 5 became the world most expensive iPhone.

2. Gold striker  iPhone 3GS supreme rose
Price: $2.4 million
Product: Apple

With the original price of 3.4 million, the modified iPhone 3Gs ranked heavily in the global market. Designed for an Australian business Mongol the well-embellished phone racks up to 22,000 GOLD PIECES and 136 diamond pieces in hardware components.

3.       Falcon supernova iPhone 6 pink Diamond
Price: $48.5 MILLION
Product: Apple

Possibly the least decorated on the list, the falcon supernova retains the title of the world’s most expensive smartphone with a 24 karat external decoration, and a model product of gold or platinum version.

4. Diamond crypto smartphone
Price: $1.3million
Product: JSC Ancort.

The diamond crypto smartphone is one out of the many designed product of Russian tech firm, JSC Ancort. The phone is embellished with 40 white diamonds which serve as an alignment for its keypads and 10 blue diamonds for its exterior design.

5.   iPhone 4s elite Gold
Price: $7.4 million
Product: Apple

Weighing more than 100 carats the elite gold is the most adorned smart device on earth. Its apple logo alone is shrouded with over 24-carat gold it is embedded with 500 diamonds, it has a platinum block attached to its mid-point, and it is structured with an original dinosaur fossil.

It is another handiwork of Hughes Stuart, a birth product of his Australian client’s request.


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