NANS pursues Godwin Emefiele and Zainab Ahmed’s sacking over naira devaluation


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), in the South-West Zone, has complained about the continuous depreciation in value of Nigeria’s currency naira to the United States dollar.

In a speech, on Friday, signed by Adegboye Olatunji, the zone’s Coordinator, and the Chairmen of the Joint Campus Committees of Lagos, Ogun Ondo and Oyo states; Olusesi Tolulope, Kehinde Damilola, Omotosho Surprise and Adeleke Quadri respectively, the student body also noted that it had become essential to address the “ineptness and inefficiency of those appointed by the Nigerian President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to be in control of the economy of the nation.”

The statement read thus, “It is so unlucky that the source of the society which is the economy, in itself, has been ruined such that it is now almost impossible for Nigerians to live by lawful means since their salaries and earnings can no longer get them anything.

“The worth of the naira in foreign exchange at the international market has now become so useless.

No thanks to the inability of Godwin Emefiele, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, , and the failure of his counterpart Zainab Ahmed serving as the Minister of Finance.

“As the naira now exchanges for one dollar at the rate of N710, it is anticipated that this duo (Godwin Emefiele and Zainab Ahmed) should with immediate effect resign from office with humiliation and bid the public office goodbye forever.

The influence of their incompetence on the lives of every Nigeria Citizen is that the little income paid as minimum wage is no longer bearable.”

“The American Dollar cannot continue to fly around in all our domestic market and managed by the black market operatives while we expect any progress to the value of the naira. We know that the implementation of this Act will make it very difficult for Godwin Emefiele and his counterpart Zainab Ahmed, and their fellow politicians to filter money and do votes purchases.


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