National Youth Service Year at a Glance


National Youth Service Year at a Glance

The NYSC scheme was established by decree No 24 of May 22, 1973 by General Yakubu Gowon’s administration. The scheme was created with a bid to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the nation after the Nigerian civil war. The aim of NYSC is primarily to inculcate in Nigerian youths the spirit of selfless service to the community and to all Nigerians regardless of cultural or social background .

The NYSC scheme is split into 4 programs. The orientation camp, the Community Development    Service popularly known as CDS, Primary Assignment and the Passing out/winding up activities.

Coming all the way down to those remote locations of primary assignment of which some corp members are posted to, the place children are coaxed to go to school even when the schooling is free and most of those youngsters even at senior secondary stage could barely spell their names. Children preferred farm labour where they may earn some cash to going to school.

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Dad and mom preferred that children stay back from school and assist out in the farm. A night earlier than the market day for the children is a sleepless one, spent frying garri for sales at the market the next day, which makes the children weak to go to school the following day and the few who manage to go to school in the marketplace day, sleep all through class hours.

Goats come knocking, on the doorways in the middle of the evening scaring the corps  member their chagrin. One has to wait for the 4 days market interval to get food stuffs for a meal and even on those market days, one by no means bought all of the resources one wanted. There is no such thing as a electrical energy, not even electrical poles in these remote areas.

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Don’t increase your brows in shock, it is that bad. No ironing of clothes. It may very well be boring as no electrical/ gadget may very well be used to keep one entertained and even informed. Some see it as an ordeal, others see it as time wasted, just a few others who’ve by no means experienced such raw circumstances go to the mattress wishing it’s all a dream or solely the figment of their imagination but after they get up, they get up to the fact, it’s NYSC, it’s service for the nation.

The core value of NYSC is service and humility. There’s strength in humility. Power in tolerating the views, way of life and behaviour of different tribes. Power in adapting to the tradition, meals, language and environ of one other tribe, state or individuals totally different from yours.

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There’s power in influencing younger minds to step into their light and maximise their potential. Sure! We’re called to service, to dwell for the sunshine of others, to lay down our lives for them. Not necessarily by going to the cross, however by experiencing personal sacrifices. Connections are made, love is shared. That’s the fact.

National Youth Service Year is a yr reality that can be an instrument to discovering goal, self discovery and private development. In those dry and boring days at the remote Places of Primary Assignment, one may make the most of such quiet time to plan for the future, read books, take a professional course towards career development, it might be a time of spiritual renewing.

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