New year resolution 2023, 4 steps to making new year resolution


New year resolution 2023, 4 steps to making new year resolution

Making and keeping a new year resolution

The festive period is here again, and we all head home to spend the period with our families and loved ones. This is the time of the year were people travel home to visit loved ones and celebrate the festivities with them. 

The festive period for some people starts in October with Thanksgiving, then November with Halloween and the one widely celebrated worldwide is the Christmas period, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. 

This period always comes towards the end of the year, people often look back at their life and accomplishments doing the year and always sets goals for the next year. These goals are always known as a new year resolution. Everybody often set new year resolution but, not everyone always keeps their resolution.

It is often easy to set a new year resolution based on what you think you want in your life the next year, which after few weeks of the new year we often forget about the new year resolution which we had set for ourselves because it always looks difficult to accomplish it or some other reason. 

Meaning of Resolution

Before setting a new year resolution, we need to understand what do we actually mean by resolution.

The English Dictionary explains resolution as the outcome of decision-making.

With this definition, we can say that resolution is actually deciding on something which needs change or correction. We could also say a resolution is actually making a decision to have something changed or corrected; possibly, something that has not been the way it ought to be.

Taking the definition into consideration, a new year resolution can be said to be a decision made to change many or a few aspects in your life that you were not happy or contented with within the previous year. Deciding to change something in your life for the betterment of your life. 

We make so many new year’s resolutions over the years now, and its actually few to non of them that we have actually kept to. Making a new year resolution is very easy but keeping it is the hard part. It is very easy to wake up and say, I don’t want this or this in my life again and make a resolution that you will change it the next year.

Over the years, we have found out that it is very easy to make resolutions but very difficult to actually keep these resolutions. Most at times, its the kind of resolution that we make that actually makes it difficult to keep.

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Why is it so easy to break a new year resolution?

Going through all these years, I have come to find out that one of the reasons new year resolution is hard to keep, is because most of us always go all out in making resolutions, we always get overzealous when making our resolutions and this factor always makes it easy to break our new year resolution. When we do this, we often over-commit, and after a while, we often blame our busy schedules for being unable to keep the new year resolution. 

Another reason we brake our new year resolution is, we often rush and make the wrong resolution. We see other people’s life and rush to make a decision which in return will actually be difficult to keep and we often run away from them after a long run. 

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How to make a new year resolution

Very importantly, do not make a new year’s resolution after a few drinks on New Year’s Eve. At this point you are not at the right mind to make a good decision, many resolutions made by this time is never kept. 

Always make resolutions which you will be 100%  committed to; this will help you Lee track of your goal and keep to it. 

Let’s be truthful. Sometimes is often difficult to keep to our goals, even after we have made good resolutions. We often lack motivation and accountability. It is advised to share your resolution with family and friends who will actually support and motivate you. This will actually help in keeping your resolution. 

Always give yourself a deadline and always keep track of your goals, this will enable you to keep your resolution. If you actually give yourself a deadline, you will actually be motivated to meet up with this deadline and it will help you reach your goal. Setting a resolution with no deadly makes us a bit lazy because we know we have the whole year. 

In conclusion, avoid making a new year’s resolution when you have taken some bottles on new years Eve, its never a good resolution but rather, goals are set based on your present alcoholic state. 

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