NGO Jobs In Nigeria – 8 Roles NGOs Can Take Up In The Society


NGO Jobs In Nigeria – 8 Roles NGOs Can Take Up In The Society

The letters NGO indicate that the group is not affiliated with any government. There is no one agreed-upon definition of a non-governmental organization (NGO), but often it is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization with a social goal.

All over the world, you can find non-governmental organizations (NGOs) doing good work.

What constitutes a non-governmental organization (NGO) in one country may not be the same in another due to variations in NGO definitions, permissible activities, monitoring, and oversight. This term can describe many kinds of groups.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) do not take orders from any government. It’s usually a charitable endeavour. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), often known as civil society organizations, operate on local, national, and worldwide levels to advance a political or social cause.

Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) often work in a specific field, such as health (including medical crises), education, infrastructure, minority rights advocacy, poverty alleviation, or security.

Regarding funding operations, some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) rely heavily on volunteers.

As a result, a large segment of the non-profit sector is devoted to fundraising in different forms, which could be through tele-fundraisers, who call potential contributors over the phone, street canvassers, who approach people in person to beg for donations, and grant writers, who fill out applications for money from various government programs and private charitable groups,

These fundraising roles often serve as stepping stones to higher organisational positions.

To accomplish their goals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are managed like any other successful business, with top-level management, middle management, and lower-level support workers in various fields.

While many workers receive minimal wages or give their time for free, those in management and senior roles might expect pay on par. In a nutshell, NGOs generally seek out seasoned experts with relevant knowledge in management, fundraising, politics, and so on due to the urgency of the work and the often dangerous, unstable social, political, and economic environments in which it is performed.

Expats, citizens of one country who temporarily or permanently relocate to another for work, are a common fixture in the workforces of many nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

Executive roles aren’t only available; IT (including software engineers, network administrators, and other support staff), policy, government, logistics, PR, philanthropy, education, and other fields often have openings.

Non-profits (NGOs) need publicity and advertising just as much as profit corporations. Every company aims to increase client traffic, NGOs are not excluded, and as you’ve seen above, there are several roles you can occupy in an NGO. We shall briefly look at Nigeria’s diverse kinds of NGO jobs.

Advertising specialists

Professional marketers with expertise in advertising oversee promotional efforts on behalf of NGOs.

They may assess the company’s present methods and make suggestions for optimal scheduling, placement, and collaboration to boost the effectiveness of advertisements.

Advertising accounts are another aspect of a business that needs to be managed by these experts, who are also responsible for keeping track of budgets and deadlines.


The term “canvasser” refers to those who go door-to-door on behalf of a cause to spread the word, solicit funds, or rally support. They spread the word about an organization’s mission and goals by going door-to-door or into public spaces.

They keep up a cheery and pleasant demeanour when interacting with the public, compose and deliver scripts for the organization, and compile lists of their accomplishments.

NGO researchers

An NGO’s effectiveness can be enhanced by the work of its research associates, who collect and compile data about individuals, groups, and the surrounding community.

Expertise in the analysis is essential for these workers, as they must examine data, compile reports, and conduct interviews to gather information.

By analyzing data, they can recommend changes in approach that could help a company achieve its objectives. Searching for “NGO Research” instead of “research job” may yield more unique results if you are looking for this role. Research positions in non-governmental organizations typically pay between $38,500 and $67,500 per year in salary.

Finance NGO

An uncommon job search term, “finance NGO”, can yield promising results. NGO finance positions often pay between the median of $61,000 to $130,000. Professionals in the finance department manage accounts.

They may take care of everything financial, from recording transactions to making a budget to conducting audits.

In addition to analyzing the company’s current financial situation, these employees may draft new financial regulations or provide staff training on handling department budgets effectively.

Social media Manager

The key duties of a social media manager include keeping the profiles and content of the company’s various social media platforms up-to-date and maintaining their overall appearance.

They establish content strategies and publication schedules that promote a favourable brand image and encourage user interaction to reach the demographics they are aiming for.

In this function, managers are frequently responsible for making strategic course corrections for their companies based on an analysis of data collected from social media platforms like comments and shares.


With a salary range of $41,000 to $101,500 per year, NGO Engineer is a less common job search query that could lead to some unique results. Salaries for NGO Engineers typically range from $41,000 to $101,500 a year.

Engineers specialising in “solutions” work with businesses to determine how to use technology effectively.

Expertise in site design and software development wouldn’t hurt either, nor would the ability to construct and manage computers, programs, and other technological apparatus to reduce costs and increase productivity.

They could be employed in fields like sales because of their knowledge of how businesses utilize technology and how they could profit from improvements or alterations.

Operations Manager

The documentation, procedures, and infrastructure of an organization are generally within the purview of the operations managers of that organization.

Business operations managers are trained professionals who work closely with other executives to increase overall corporate productivity.

Consider discovering better ways to spend the company’s money or use its resources.

Expert in raising funds

The key tasks of professionals specialising in fundraising include managing all elements of an organization’s connections with its many categories of donors. These donors can include private persons, companies, and nonprofit organizations.

Those knowledgeable in this area monitor all interactions with donors, keep tabs on previous donations, and find new channels to get financial support.

They might contact possible donors by e-mail, phone, or even an in-person meeting to discuss the various available alternatives.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.

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