It’s Not About The Contestant, It’s About The Show- WaJe’s Shocking Response To Seyi Shey


It’s Not About The Contestant, It’s About The Show- WaJe’s Shocking Response To Seyi Shey

Why is Seyi Shey so harsh?

The looming question seems to still be devoid of any answer. Once challenged on 105.1 FM to either justify or condemn the verdicts of the Nigerian Idol judge, Waje as it seemed evaded giving a direct answer and opted to reveal something rather shocking about most TV shows.

Initially, the idea gotten from reality contest might be one revolving around the empowerment of aspirants and participants as liken to “The Voice Nigeria” that has been on screen for months now.

But the singer, maestro, and all-around Public figure, Waje, revealed something rather contradictory to the whole concept of Tv shows.

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When she appeared for an interview with City 105.1 FM the anchor asked”

I watch you on Tv, you’re a judge as well. I’ve seen how you support talent and I want to put you on the spot alot of people will say ‘waje us very nice and some other people are downright harsh‘,

They just tell people you don’t have this or that or you can’t do that. Do you In any way subscribe to other people telling anyone just how it is or do you believe in another approach?”

Waje in response said;

What I’ll tell you is every show has its rules and what makes the show a show. It’s entertainment, it’s TV. Now half the time they make it about the contestant, but really, it’s really about the show. They don’t care about you the judge or you the constant,

It’s the show. So I’ll say that for The Voice, you know that first stage of auditions, we’ve already done that...

Not everyone has a grip on their vocals but first things first, you definitely must know how to sing and that’s different from every other show. So u think people should put that into context before they basically “anyone”- I know you get my drift.

I understand it, Nigerians we are too passionate. Even me sef, they curse me. They say ‘oh waje did not turn for this person and the person can sing better than her’ like it’s not that deep. We just obey and follow the rules of the job.”

It’s very disappointing especially to those who have built solid attention on the show feeling that it’s for the promotion of the constants when actually it’s for the elevation of the show alone…” is it trending?”, “what are people saying about it”, “is it entertaining?”

Those are entirely a summed up reflection of what sponsors and brands worry about, they don’t really care about the talents or the people’s favourite

As Waje indicated, what the producers require is what is being aired, if they require the judges to deal unforgiven blows on young talents, If they require the spirits of young aspirants to be crushed just to garner views through unholy drama, then that alone is what would happen.


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