On-Air Personality – Meaning And 6 Inspiring Ways To Become An OAP


On-Air Personality

The role of an On-Air Personality, commonly known as an OAP, is highly coveted by many individuals as it involves being visible and audible across various media platforms. This job opportunity is open to both men and women and offers an amazing chance to excel.

If you’re curious about the responsibilities of an OAP and how to pursue this career, this article will provide you with a comprehensive guide.

On-Air Personalities, also known as Broadcast Announcers, deliver scripted content, such as news reports or commercial messages, on various communication platforms like television, radio, or other media outlets.

Effective communication skills, particularly speaking, are essential for On-Air Personalities to engage and captivate their audience. Additionally, they must possess creativity, composure, and the ability to work well under pressure.

As an On-Air Personality, your responsibilities include writing and practising scripts, collaborating with program directors on program or show discussions, conducting interviews, and coordinating and arranging meetings with event organizers.

Depending on your experience level, being an On-Air Personality can be a lucrative full-time career. Now that you understand their roles and responsibilities let’s explore the requirements and tips to become an On-Air Personality.

How To Become An OAP

  1. Get Educated On OAP

    Obtaining an education is important for aspiring On-Air Personalities. While most individuals in this field hold a bachelor’s degree, some may even possess a master’s degree.

    However, pursuing a career as an On-Air Personality with only a high school diploma is still possible. Popular fields of study for aspiring On-Air Personalities include communication, journalism, and audiovisual communications technologies.

  2. Strive To Develop OAP Skills

    It is essential to cultivate on-air personality skills before seeking employment. On-air personality job postings often require proficiency in various areas, such as Facebook and Twitter usage, experience with live events and competence in operating control boards.

  3. Master OAP Duties

    The primary responsibilities of an on-air personality consist of recording daily news broadcasts, creating promotional materials, managing and scheduling playlists, engaging with listeners both in-person and on social media, broadcasting liners, jingles, and sweepers, writing and producing content, hosting remote shows and covering sports topics in a professional studio.

    It is important to research these duties and ensure familiarity with them.

  4. Sign Up For OAP Training Or Internship 

    This chance provides valuable practical experience in broadcasting, particularly in radio or television. Participating in this program will teach you hands-on skills in hosting shows, conducting interviews, creating scripts, adjusting your voice, and interacting with audiences.

    The training or internship will give you a thorough understanding of the OAP role and assist in building the confidence and expertise needed for a thriving career in the media industry.

  5. Create Your Resume

    Once familiarising yourself with the qualities mentioned earlier, begin compiling your experiences and crafting a resume highlighting them. Crafting an impressive resume may take some time, but it is important not to rush the process, as the creativity and quality of your resume can reflect your abilities.

    Therefore, invest time and effort to ensure your resume truly showcases your skills and potential.

  6. Apply For An OAP Job

    Once your resume is prepared, you can apply for a job online or in person. If you choose to apply in person, it is important to present yourself professionally and confidently.


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