Phone Etiquettes Every Phone User Should Know About


Phone Etiquettes Every Phone User Should Know About

A phone has to be slightly heavier than air, no one is expected to wield a brick and allude it a phone it makes using it very tedious and uncomfortable.

Of recent discovery, a lot of studies have shown that there is a sundry misuse of cell phones, just like every other element in life cell phones also retain certain appropriate procedures to be carried out when handling it.

A phone is more like a personal item except if it belongs to a company so you’ll want to ask yourself, of what need is it to observe this phone culture.

People are judged by their appearance when approached physically, but when absent, their conversation through a phone is what gives a hint about their character and way of life, except you want to be addressed as rude and uncultured you might want to read ahead.

Here are some etiquettes every phone user should know and practice

1. Use a polite tone.

it doesn’t matter if you are the caller or receiver always propose with a polite tone. If the person at the other end of the call happens to be a stranger always endeavor to exchange pleasantries first, make an introduction and proceed with the effect of immediately to the reason why you called. Don’t spend time with small unnecessary talks, except you are familiar with the person. Even if you are a brooding individual try to be cheerful.

2. Use the most common language in the country to communicate.

This goes for strangers, if an unknown person calls you, it’s most appropriate for you to use the most common language of that settings or environment because you see someone named Chukwu calling you, that is not a reason to use your native dialect to respond to him, the official and most common language in Nigeria is English, so use that.

3. Use a suitable ringtone.

The essentiality of this has been deliberated upon severally, that why is it needful to use something appropriate as a ringtone.

Supposing you find your self in a meeting and it’s possible you forgot to switch off your phone if it rings and something inappropriate fills the room, everybody’s attention would be drawn towards the source of it which happens to be you, causing a distraction and further defeating the purpose of the gathering, but if something mild and simple is used as a ringtone most of the time it might not even be noticed enough to be a distraction.

4. Keep your phone in silence when necessary.

In public places like a church or mosque, or an office it is essential to keep your phone in silent mode you avoid distractions from incoming calls and messages.

5. Avoid mentioning names and locations.

For security reasons. If you find yourself in a public setting if your caller requests a name or location, leave the gathering in a more serene environment to avoid shouting over the phone. If you find it exceedingly difficult to leave, tell the caller to hang up or end the call yourself and send a message to the person containing what he/she earlier requested for.

6. Don’t sing out loud while using your headphone:

Once in a while you lip-sync your favorite track there is no denying that, it’s a joyous moment, one where an individual feels ecstatic but sadly the surrounding area might be displeased with what you’re pulling up, you might see your lip synthetic as something pleasant but in reality, it’s a form of noise pollution as your voice may cause ear bleeding.

7. Avoid playing loud music.

If you reside with others not necessarily in a self-contained apartment, you would know that no matter the type of music played even if it’s gospel so far it is loud it’s sometimes classified as noise. not everyone can survive in that kind of environment if Nigeria adheres to constitutional laws you can be prosecuted on the count of public disturbance, so desist from playing music loudly.

8. Be cautious of the kind of names you save.

This has often been neglected. Days back, a friend of mine saved a lady’s name as “bad guy” and few others as “cartel”, “area scatter”, “419 guy”, his guardian eventually came across such on one occasion where information was needed from his device, I don’t know much about what transpired afterward, but he now involuntarily visits the prayer house 3 times a week including Sundays, and he spends his remaining days in a guardian and counseling office.

I’m not trying to say doing stuff like that is bad, but the only time a typical Nigerian parent can subject you to doing so, is if they’re fully convinced that you are a rotten egg, and all evidence they’ll need is mostly on your phone. So if you follow such etiquette I’m sure there will be no reason to carry out what you intend not to.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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