Places to celebrate Valentines day


Places to celebrate Valentines day

Valentine’s day is usually celebrated on the 14th of every February. It is a day that we remember the sacrifice that Saint Valentine made. We remember the gift of God’s son Jesus Christ who laid down his life for mankind. He gave us his unconditional and sacrificial love.

Valentine was a man like us: he has shown an example of what love is about. Valentine did not despise or look down on the soldiers. He took a risk by going against the Emperor’s wicked decree. The decree stated that young men should not be getting married again. In our daily living, we should make sure that we show love to the people around us.

Places to celebrate Valentine’s day: Valentine’s day can be celebrated indoors or outdoors. In recent time, people have abused Valentine’s day. They go to the extreme. Ladies are raped, people get involved in accidents, others drink and get drunk all in the name of celebrating love.

There are so many places we can spend our Valentine’s day meaningfully.

1. Orphanage and Motherless babies home:

Orphanage and Motherless babies home are places where abandoned children and those who have lost their parents live and are cared for. Living without parental love and care is not good at all.

These children may not have the necessary care and attention they would have had. As long, as they are not living with their parents, care and attention is minimal. Therefore, it is necessary for us to surprise them on Valentine’s day by visiting them.

We should extend out the heart of love and kindness by giving food items like rice, beans, flour, spaghetti, garri, yam, semovita, maggi, salt, palm oil, groundnut oil, vegetable oil, fish, stockfish, meat, tin tomatoes, eggs, plantain, among others. Fruits like star apple, apple, mango, avocado pear, pawpaw, banana.

Provisions like noodles, custards, golden morn, cornflakes and quaker oats. Beverages like milk, milo, sugar. Toiletries like body cream, hair cream, toilet tissue, baby wipes, towels, sanitary towels. Disinfectant and antiseptic like hypo, izal, dettol, mextisan.

We can also give clothes and shoes to them. We can also give financial support to them.

2. Church:

Most people prefer to celebrate Valentine’s day by thanking God for laying down His life for us. Valentine’s day can be celebrated in the church by giving to the poor and needy in the church.

Asides that, the church usually organize educating and inspiring programs that talk about rekindling love in families and relationships. These programs can be for both singles and unmarried. During this time, broken marriage can be mended.

3. Beach:

A beach is a piece of land that separates a large body of water. It is usually cozy depending on the weather. A beach is a wonderful place for celebrating Valentine’s day especially the private ones. You can go there with your husband, wife, children, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends and even family members.

4. Restaurant or Eatery:

Valentine’s day can be spent in a restaurant or eatery. You can order for a special meal and eat it with someone you love. As we all know, there is love in sharing.

5. At Home:

Some people love having their Valentine’s day spent at home. You can take a break, have enough rest and eat well. Cook a special meal and For the married, one partner can decide to surprise the other partner with breakfast on bed.

Most importantly, have quality time with your spouse at home. At home, you can organise a party and invite your friends over.

6. Hospital:

Hospital is another place to visit during Valentine’s day. It is a place where sick people are treated. Some people are laying on the hospital bed because they have not been able to pay their bills. Some have not been able to buy their drugs.

It will be so good to put a smile on their faces by either paying part or all their bills and buy their drugs.

7. Neighbourhood:

In our neighbourhood, there are poor people who need help. In this season, we should celebrate Valentine with them by helping them.

8. Prison:

A prison is a well-secured place where people are kept and punished for the crime that they have committed. Criminals are kept in prisons while awaiting trials. A prisoner is considered as worst people in society because of the pains they have inflicted on others.

Jesus Christ came to the world to save sinners, he never despises them. We should visit them and show them, love, by giving them clothes, motivational books, shoes, food items like rice, beans, yam, spaghetti, etc.

9. The street:

There are children who are not opportune to be in the orphanage or motherless babies home. They are in the street. They were abandoned by their parents and caregivers. They can be found in plazas, public primary and secondary schools, under the bridges, flyovers and footbridge.

Visit them and make them feel loved and cared for. Cook a delicious meal and share it with them. Give them shoe, cloth, footwears (slippers and sandals), soap,detergent, towel, underwears, toothpaste, toothbrush, body cream, hair cream, etc.

10. Schools:

In your environment, there are schools (public primary and secondary schools) that need the government’s intervention but they have not gotten it. Some pupils lack the essential educational materials. You can celebrate this year’s valentine with them.

Buy exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers and share it with them. You can pay for a child’s school fees. As a group, you can donate educational materials like textbooks, desks, tables, chalks and lockers.

Places we should not celebrate valentine’s day: There are places we should avoid while celebrating valentine’s day so as to avoid problems. One of such places is the forest.

No matter how close the forest is, do not go there. It will expose you to wild animals. Do not celebrate valentine in places where hoodlums stay because it might be very dangerous. If you are celebrating it outside, endeavour to return home in time. If you go to the beach, once it is getting dark, leave the beach as the wave will increase.



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