6 Career Paths in Political Science every Nigerian Needs to Know-no 4 will wow you


6 Career Paths in Political Science every Nigerian Needs to Know


6 Career Paths in Political Science every Nigerian Needs to Know, Political science; a field of study, and discipline although underscored and eclipsed by legal studies, has a wide reach of available Job opportunities in Nigeria.

Regardless of the integrity of the course which can easily pass as a swear word, a tread down a dirt path, or a hive brewing potential lairs. Reaching the threshold of it, you’d understand that sailing through the path of policy-making; a trip to valour doesn’t constitute you’d end up a politician.

It goes beyond that.

It ranges from the study of how laws are formulated to comparative government structures, to economic status, to leadership. The list is endless.

Here’s a list of career paths at the end of Every pol science degree.


1. Legislative Assistant.

Have you ever wondered how the house of senate got its 109 members

and the house of Representatives it’s 360? Or where they came from?

When we discuss studying political science we discuss aiding lawmakers to pass legislation and actualize their political aims.

Treading down this career path would require adeptness in verbal and writing skills, because a large portion of direct government aides; senators, governors, and assembly members would require these skills; verbal and written, to engender communication and all-round deliberation on laws in the federal and state levels amongst themselves, representatives and constituents.

Salary: a legislative assistant draws an average income of about $40,299, according to research carried out by Payscale.

2. Policy Analyst

6 Career Paths in Political Science every Nigerian Needs to Know, As vivid as policy updates are being ensued, there is a need for dissection, analysis, and advice.

An organization inclined on public policies with an engine room structured by any form of government would require understanding to operate with their policies.

This is the end road to your 4-year journey as a political scientist.

As a policy analyst, your primary function would be to ensure a national understanding of trends with regard to economic development, public trends; social and moral happenstances, and international and political matters.

6 Career Paths in Political Science every Nigerian Needs to Know, Of course, these are not jobs for light thinkers, as critical brain work would be required to move a motion for, or against the adoption of policies.

Salary: the average earnings of a political analyst is a solid $59,135. As revealed by Payscale.

3. Social Media Manager

The entire media hemisphere, at least micro-blogging platforms are spiked with public opinions that easily drive actions to breach reality.

These opinions can emplace leaders as well as unseat them.

That’s why political candidates employ the use of sound-minded media managers to articulate their opinions and orchestrate campaigns, sometimes disorienting the views of constituents into purchasing their personal goals.

6 Career Paths in Political Science every Nigerian Needs to Know, Companies as well do hire political scientists to help articulate content on their various pages to communicate with prospects.

Salary: the average monthly income of a media manager is $50,815.


4. Marketing Research Analyst

The work of a Marketing Research Analyst is to overhaul potential customer response to product stimuli; how well prospects would react to market products.

A political student can function in this area since a score of his initial work is to overhaul how constituents respond to campaign stimuli.

How so?

They engender the use of polls and surveys to gain in-depth knowledge on potential interests and present it to Clients.

Salary: as of May 2019, the average income of a research analyst was $63,790, According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.


5. Public Relations Specialist

Just like a social media manager, the work of a PRS or rather, a Public Relations Manager is to maintain the integrity of an organization, company, movement, department, and client by either doctoring stories, and press releases to effectively communicate the interest of their larger attachments or by undertaking blogging tasks.

Salary: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), public relations specialists earned a median annual salary of $61,150 in May 2019.

6. Political Consultant

6 Career Paths in Political Science every Nigerian Needs to Know, Political consultants are degree holders who employ their landscape knowledge gotten from political science to arise strategies and means for their candidate and/or client to impinge his will on others in order to gain support.

They also shoot at media coverage and try to influence the mass public by giving in-depth analyses of past political performances. Take the popular morning TV show; Kakaaki Africa for example.

They utilize a number of political consultants in order to breathe understanding concerning the affairs of the nation to the mass public.

Salary: $77,368.6. This estimate was drawn from a study carried out by Glassdoor.

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