Popular Nigerian Street Foods – 8 Popular Nigerian Street Foods/Snacks That Will Make Your Jaw Drop


Popular Nigerian Street Foods – 8 Popular Nigerian Street Foods/Snacks That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Street food is an amazing thing that everyone loves. But what exactly makes street food amazingly sweet? I keep on wondering.

In various parts of the world, especially Africa, many street food vendors sell local dishes, which increases the patriotism of local dishes in African countries.

In Nigeria, street dishes are usually the best or preferred dish for everyone. Because of its popularity in Nigeria, we’ll review some popular street dishes n Nigeria in this article.

Popular Nigerian Street Foods

Popular dishes are always present on street vendors. Check them out!

1. Àkàrà (Fried Bean Cake)

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The traditional Nigerian breakfast dish known as kàr is well-known. The Yoruba people who developed it refer to it as “Akàrà“. It is known as “Kosai” by the Hausa people.

According to tradition, Yoruba people frequently serve Akàrà to the soldiers who had just won the war. It was once consumed during funeral ceremonies for people over 70, but that custom has since become archaic.

You might not be aware that the traditional Brazilian dish “Acarajé” is derived from Akàrà if you are familiar with it. The ingredient in this dish is black-eyed peas.

They are ground, seasoned, shaped, and then deep-fried to achieve the desired tasty flavour and crispy texture.

2. Ewa Agoyin ( Bean Porridge)

In Yoruba, the word for “beans” is “Ewa,” whereas the terms “Agoyin” and “Togolese” are used to describe the Togolese and Beninese people. The name “Ewa Agoyin” collectively refers to a bean dish the Togolese and Beninese people prepared.

Beans are mashed to make Ewa Agoyin, served with a flavorful sauce from hot peppers, onions, and palm oil. It is incredibly delicious spicy street food. Ewa Agoyin will fill your stomach, as the Nigerian proverb “ewa G go block belle” can be translated to mean.

3. Abacha (African Salad)

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The Igbo tribe, who lived in Eastern Nigeria, is where Abacha originally belonged. It is made from cassava, a favourite root vegetable of Nigerians. In this country, cassava is the primary ingredient in most vegetable dishes.

Although local people often consider this salad a street food. It is also a Nigerian dessert recipe. Feel free to enjoy it as a refreshing African dessert if you want to.

People dry and shred cassava to make Abacha. Along with other spices, it is seasoned with calabash nutmeg. Then they add fried meat or fish on top. Ugba, traditionally made from oil bean seeds, is typically served with Abacha.

Abacha may be the best salad that you’ve ever tasted.

4. Suya (Spicy Grilled Kebab)

Nigeria and other West African nations are well known for their street food known as suya. It originated with the Hausa people of northern Nigeria. In some places today, it is regarded as the national dish.

Suya is frequently prepared with chicken, beef, or ram. Salt, pepper, paprika, ground peanuts, and chilli pepper are used to season the meat, giving it a sophisticated spicy flavour that will water your mouth.

After cooking, it is frequently wrapped in foil or old newspaper and served with crisp vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage, and onions. You are welcome to eat it with any vegetables you prefer.

Suya is considered the best street food in Nigeria.

5. Boli (Roasted Plantain)

final boli ExampleNG

Your Nigerian meal will be complete with roasted plantain as the main course or as a snack. The fact that roasted plantains can be both ripe and unripe is amazing. So don’t worry if the sweetness of ripe plantains doesn’t appeal to you.

Boli is a traditional dish by the Yoruba people of Nigeria invented by them.

In the West, it is commonly referred to as “Boli,” but in the South, it is frequently pronounced “Bole.” These days, fried chicken and roasted fish are served with it as a festive side dish.

6. Puff-Puff (Fried Sweet Dough Ball)

When tourists visit Nigeria, many pass away in the name of Puff-Puff. In spite of the fact that it is fried dough made from basic baking ingredients like flour, yeast, butter, and vegetable oil, its lovely flavour and crispy flavour are very alluring.

The past of Puff-Puff is largely unknown. The only information available was that it originated in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is Nigeria’s national snack and is well-liked in the neighbouring nations.

7. Chin Chin (Fried Snack)

Traditionally served at Christmas and weddings, chin chin is a festive snack. According to a common saying, no Nigerian wedding is complete without Chin Chin. Other than on those particular days, Chin Chin is available year-round.

It takes the form of crispy fried dough made with baking-related ingredients and wheat flour. The dough can take on a variety of forms. Chin Chin is now sold by street vendors and at supermarkets.

If you’d like, you can change Chin Chin’s texture. It can be crunchy, soft, or hard. It will become harder the longer it is cooked. Butter also aids in modifying the texture.

8. Moin Moin ( Bean Pudding Cake)

Moi Moi 1 ExampleNG

A bean pudding cake is called moi moin (or moi moi). Black-eyed peas, onions, and peppers (red bell, scotch bonnet, and habanero) are pureed together and then steamed in a mould with banana leaves to create this protein-rich Nigerian dish.

Depending on the cook, hard-boiled eggs, sardines, bone marrow, and corned beef can all be added to moin moin.

Interestingly, each additional ingredient is referred to as a “soul” (or life), so moin moin made with three extra ingredients is known as “moin moin with three souls”.

Moin-moin elemi meje, also known as “moin-moin with seven souls,” is one of the most well-liked moin moin. The additional seven ingredients are hard-boiled eggs, titus fish, lobster, minced meat, green peppers, carrots, and butter.

Whatever ingredients are used to make it, moin moin is a versatile dish served with jollof rice, white rice, pap (African corn pudding), dodo, or on its own as a snack or sandwich.


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