Portable claims to be founder of deadly cult, Police swears to Investigate


Zazu crooner close to his waterloo; claims he’s the progenitor of 1 million boys, police swears to Investigate

Fast rising afro celebrity and crooner of street anthem Habeeb Okikiola alias portable has stated that he’s the founder of the domestic terrorist groups Ajah boys and one million boys.

In a what is now deleted video, the multi-branded celebrity, that now has a winning song attached to his ledger, appeared and began boasting of being the author of the notorious cult group; one million boys.

At their highest, the one million boys held Lagos to ransom amid the covid 19 lockdown with their renowned pillaging and plundering; they exercised their will, which mostly involved robbery, on Lagosians and subjected the malcontents who refused to submit to their will to immediate death.

In the video, Habeeb was caught seething with hyper-activeness and reveling in the fact that he laid the foundation for the extreme cult groups, to back his claim with substance, he instructed that confirmations be made from a certain “sammie Larry”
He relayed this in a Yoruba dialect which the translation reads;

Open your ears and hear me, you have heard of Ajah boys, on million, I am their founder. Go and ask Sammie Larry”

Interestingly, the news of his audacious stunt blew past the police, and in response to such the public relations officer, OLumuyiwa adejobi, via a tweet announced that the Inspector general of police, Usman baba has mobilized his men to run a full sweep on Habeeb’s statement.

His tweet read:

Cultism; police to investigate portable over the formation of one million boys sequel to the trending video of one habeed okikiola aka portable where he claimed to have formed the one-million boys cult group terrorizing some parts of Lagos state.”

The IGP has ordered CP Lagos to investigate the indicting statement and take necessary legal action. This directive is premised on the continuous effort of the Nigeria Police Force to fish out pillars and sponsors of cult groups in order to decimate their activities and restore sanity to our society.”


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