Understanding the difference between your PPA and PSA as a Corp Member


Understanding the difference between your PPA and PSA as a Corp Member

As a Corp member the abbreviation PPA is not a new word but only few know about PSA. To make things easy for Prospective Corp Members (PCMs), let me tell you what PPA and PSA means. PPA is an acronym for Place of Primary Assignment while PSA is Place of Secondary Assignment.

During your service year, you are open to different opportunities that will affect your life positively, but it all depends on how you plan to manage your time. As a Corp member, you can earn more than your monthly allowance but most people don’t know how to go about this.

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Understanding the difference between your PPA and PSA as a Corp Member.

Before going to this let me hints you about PSA.

Place of Secondary Assignment (PSA)

Some Corps members are posted to a place where they are less needed and they end up not doing anything until the one-year service elapses. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, start looking for a PSA.

Your PSA can be a place where to go to work after your official working hours at your PPA or you can engage yourself in a vocational training where you will learn what will make you useful, like me I didn’t go out to look for a PSA rather my Boss made me own my own PSA which is a Blog. You can check out My New Blog here www.techrobin.com and I also made enough money to get a Tecno Winpad 10 CLICK HERE to see it. The current price of the Winpad now is over 100k.

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He was kind enough to make me understand what life is after school and after service and am glad I met and worked with him. So with PSA, you either make money or learn what will give you money during and after NYSC.

He was ready to retain me but I had a bigger dream. And after my service year, I still get job from the office and get paid on work completion. This helps me to earn extra cash at my leisure.

This is a lesson to learn: make an impact in your PPA or PSA and you’ll always be remembered. It is not all about the immediate satisfaction or monetary value you are getting.

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Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) and Place of Secondary Assignment (PSA)

Your PPA is the official place where you are to carry out your National assignment to serve your Fatherland while PSA is unofficial.

You must do proper documentation with NYSC for your PPA While You are on your own in PSA

PPA might not pay you a dine but PSA will pay you base on the agreement made

NO clearance Letter from PSA but you must collect your Monthly Clearance Letter from Your PPA.

If you don’t take PPA serious, Your Allawee will Suffer BUT you can choose what to do with your PSA.

Above all make sure you do something great to leave your footprints in the sands of time during your service year. If you are looking for a PSA, we are here to guide you on what to do and how to go about it. And if you are looking for ways to make more cash during NYSC we are still here to guide you.

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