Private part odor: what you need to know about it.


Highly common in women and seldom in men, Regardless of how clean and healthy you think you are, it is only natural that your private part emits some kind of distinct odor; it increases when left unchecked, this is due to the microbial profile of your organ. The active presence of the lactobacillus bacteria in the private part makes it smell more of musk, maybe fish.

Aside from that, minor instances of major periodic events such as hormonal contraception, sexual intercourse, or menstruation can be a leading cause of private part odor—vaginal odor to be exact.

This is due to the shift in PH level and sudden imbalance of bacteria; when both useful and bad bacteria are regulated disproportionally in the private organ

As much as this doesn’t have any distinct trace to any disease the scent from the human private part can be somewhat retributive of plainly existing, not that any added effort is required but if you are prone to sweating at every given occasion you are likely to experience stronger and active presence of such, besides that, lack of hygiene can help you increase the repulsive odor.

Ironically, the efforts required in taking care of your private organ are less strenuous compared to that of inciting pungent odors, contrary to the dynamic relationship humans share with diseases which leaves them susceptive to ailments while being entrenched far away from a cure, the case with private oodoris a vivid opposite.

Among the many things that may leave you susceptive to increased odors are a number of your daily rituals like:

1.  Spraying your private part with deodorants

2.    Washing and scrubbing excessively

3.   Rinsing the insides (of the woman vaginal), especially when not directed by a gynecologist

The above-mentioned can lead to extreme inflation of vaginal odor because they directly influence the microflora in the private region, When this bacteria (microflora) is impinged on by the above it causes disruption and, with time, leads to the imbalance of the microflora bacterial.

Common ways to reduce private part odor

  1. Avoid the use of deodorants, sprays, and powder in the private part

2.     Avoid the use of antibacterial soaps

3. Wash gently and at least more than once a day, above all this is the most recommended

4.  Avoid wearing damp underwear, make use of cotton undergarments and avoid spandex and Lycra materials

5.  Avoid the use of wearing pads and panty liners when less necessary.

6. Wearing no undergarments at night would go a long way in fighting vaginal odor.

Your diet, as well, can influence the odor in your private part, research shows that food products like oranges and grapefruits tend to alter and improve the scent in your private part while products with strong scents of their own such as spices, alcohol, bear, bulb products can influence the odor in your private organ. Your diet is equally essential to the health of your private organ as it is to your entire body.


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