Programming- A starter’s guide and 11 thing you did not know about Programming


Programming- A starter’s guide

Programming as a field can be seen as a tree, and like every tree, it has branches that spring forth diverse profitable, creative, and other inspiring professions.

But before venturing into this speck of one essential thing to put to thought is, Do I like programming? does it fall under my interest range?. If the answer denotes positivity then there are few things one would have to act in line with to build a career in IT.

In the order of stacking bricks and blocks, there is indeed a need to understand every inch of this spectrum.

Who is a programmer?

A programmer develops programs and algorithms-a detailed plan or procedure for solving a problem with a computer; more specifically, an unambiguous, destined sequence of computational instructions necessary to achieve a solution.

The entire scope of programming involves the use of mathematical modelling and codes written on its basis. programmers work on creating computer games, operating systems, websites, and applications.

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The choice of being a programmer is reserved for everyone irrespective of age, size, or gender. But what gives meaning to the profession lies with the interest growth and desire to delve deeper into web technology that fluctuates.

Professional traits and etiquette of programmers

– Stress tolerance

– patience and all that characterizes perseverance.

– Attentiveness and mental focus.

– creativity.

– before becoming a programmer one vying to reach that stage should be oriented on how to pick up the responsibility.

Things needed to know about programming

Programming is everything but simple, here is a shortlist of all requirements of a programmer

  • Must possess the ability to comprehend written codes and write them, this is of much importance to all programmers the need can’t be emphasized the strong relationship a programmer shares with his computer covers all.
  • Must possess arithmetic understanding, mathematical ability, and logical analytical thinking.
  • Must possess a longing interest for all-new instalment, information, and developments concerning technology.
  • must be literate and English-oriented.
  • must be able to multitask.
  • Must be able to automatically translate solutions of business problems into machine language.
  • must know how to procreate, customize and implement softwares into the production.
  • Must be able to automate repetitive processes.
  • must be able to comprehend technical specifications and compose them.
  • Must be able to operate programming tools, frameworks, and auxiliary programs.
  • must know how to troubleshoot the developed products and be able to fix identified errors.

Selecting a programming language to learn

Programming languages are any of the specified languages for expressing a set of detailed instructions for a digital computer. To do this, programmers write source codes.

There are over hundreds of programming languages. But for the purpose of making things facile 10 of the most popular should be among user preference. The choice of a programming language is influenced by the choice of a career field in programming.

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There are several areas in programming and they are;

Mobile Apps: java being for mobile/ Andriod while Swift for IOs, in 2017  a significant programming language called Kotlin was presented.

Web development: the languages- HTML,  CSS( added by default), Python, JavaScript, sQI.

Custom application: C, C++, C#, C, Nvidia.

Starting an IT career.

Select a specialization. pick a path, the one most eye-catching, it can be mobile development, games, etc. Just pick whatever tickles your fancy.

Educational path. it’s outrightly difficult but not impossible to master programming without a tutor, endeavor to get a learned teacher, expert to give you pointers, and help straighten your path.

Practice. Put what you’ve learned so far into papers and join shards of acquired erudition together, make this a repetitive process and utilize search engines to unearth solutions to vague understanding.

Create a résumé: a catalog of your best works it must be original and effective. It should be compiled not to inflate your ego but to serve as a project one that can be flashed at prospects.

Keep learning.

Upon learning this there are several ways to start a career as a programmer.

Freelance: no tutorship is required to have a grip. this promotes skill acquisition with respect to the field of practice. One can start taking orders from private clients and companies so far he/she is deemed worthy to handle the task.

Internship: before you reach the stage of a developer, the best options available is that of an intern(paid or free) or assistant.

Startups: this is devoid of a jaw-dropping paycheque but it puts your knowledge as a programmer to the test.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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