Research terms and their meaning


Research terms and their meaning


Glossary is an alphabetical list of word and their meaning. Here, the glossary to be treated is that of a Research. It is pertinent for the reader to be conversant with the glossary of every field. It aids the understanding of whatever happens in that field.


Abstract – This is a short summary of what the entire research is about. This is the first part in terms of content in project work.

Acknowledgement – This has to do with recognition. This part has to do with appreciating all those that their contribution has made the research successful.


Bibliography -This is a list of books that were consulted in research whether they were used or not.


Citation – It is the act of referencing the source of information in research.
Comparative Research – This is a type of research that compares more than one data.


Data – It is a unit of information.
Data gathering – This is the process of bringing together all the data collected.
Debrief -This is extra information on a particular subject or topics given after the research had been concluded.
Discovery – It is a fact that someone finds out about especially when it was not known about before.


Empirical review – A review that is carried out through experiences.
Evidence – A fact that ascertains the fact that something is true. It is very essential in every research
Experiment – A scientific test that seeks to find out how an issue. This is related to those in the sciences.


Historical research – A research that looks into the happenings in the past and how they impact the present.
Hypothesis – A fact that suggests an explanation for something that has not yet been proved to be true.


Improvement – It is an act of finding how to improve and make changes.
Innovation – This is the creation of something new in research.
Interview – It is an oral way of questioning a respondent to get information.
Introduction – This is a part of research that tells what research is about.


Key informant – those people that volunteer to participate in research.


Limitation -It is the shortcoming of a research that is the weakness.
Literature review – It is a detailed account of relevant materials being investigated in order to know what researchers had done and what has not been done. It shows how the present study will be different from previous studies.


Mean – the sum of value, divided by the number of cases.
Median -It is the point that divides the distribution.
Methodology -These are the methods that a researcher uses in data collection. Whether qualitative or quantitative.
Mode – the most occurring element in the distribution.


Nursing research – an area in research that looks at ways of answering questions and seeking a solution to issues in nursing.


Observation – It is an act of looking closely at something to know its action.


Paraphrase – This is an act representing someone’s ideas, opinion and thought in your own way.

Plagiarism – this is the act of using someone’s ideas, materials, knowledge, words or sentence and if they are yours without acknowledging them.

Population – This is the total number of people that a researcher uses in research work.

Primary data – This is the first hand or raw information that a researcher gets in research.

Proposal – This is a written description of what a researcher intends to do in a particular area.

Prove – to show that something is true by giving facts and information.

Publication – a work that has been published by a publishing company or house. They are so many publishing firms.


Questionnaire – This is an arranged and organized question given to people to answer questions. It aims at giving information for a particular question. Here, the researcher meets people to supply answers to his or her question.

Quoting – this is an act of repeating or presenting what someone had written.


Range – A word used to describe the highest number minus the lowest number. This is used when calculating in research.

Reference – It is a list of the books, articles, journals, newspapers in fact all material that were used in a research.
Research – A systematic process of collecting, criticising and interpreting information concerning a subject matter.

Researcher – A person that carries out a research
Respondents – This is a person that answers a research question.
Risk – the harm whether social physical, emotional or psychological that occurs in the process of research.


Sample – a smaller part of the population that is selected for research.
Secondary Data – This is second-hand information or data that has been previously processed.
Significance – the peculiarity or relevance of research. It is what distinguishes the research from other researches in that particular field.
Statement of the problem – it is a stage in research that stating the identified problem is paramount.
Survey Research – research that gathers information from a sample of individual via their answers to questions.


Theoretical framework – it also form the content of a research work refers to the combinations of theories or approaches that will be used in analysing the gathered data. It cuts across all the necessary details about the theory ( definition, formulators, strength and weakness).

Theory – a set of principles that forms that determines the structure of research.

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