Room Decoration -10 DIY ideas


Room Decoration -10 DIY ideas

Your room is your own personal space where you have the freedom to create and modify in any way you want. It is a space where you can explore your personal style, creating an atmosphere of your choice. Whether you want to create a relaxing vibe, a rustic vibe, a musical vibe, a fangirl vibe, football like a vibe or modern aesthetics, it all depends on you.

Your room decoration helps your vision, dreams and imaginations to become reality. It helps you to really feel at home within the walls of your room.

Most persons find this really hard to do because there is always something new to add, or something to change and all that, but that is the beauty of it all and the fun part of it. The feeling that you get to do it yourself, changing that plain room into something wonderfully unique and beautiful gives you that feeling of pride and accomplishment.

Here are some cool tips and ideas for your DO IT YOURSELF room decoration. Change that plain room into something magically wonderful.

  • Paper crane wall art;

This is a simple DIY origami crane, done with paper. It is the Japanese art of folding paper into the desired art. Handcrafted origami cranes can be done into shapes to look like a butterfly, heart shape, flower shapes and others. A plain coloured paper could be used or it could be painted with different colours of your choice to give the desired look.

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  • Chalkboard wall;

This could be done in a form of pastel. Colourful chalk is used to create beautiful patterns on the wall. You could make floral patterns, abstract drawings or any other pictorial drawing of your choice. This gives a unique wall decoration rather than leaving the wall bare.

Chalkboard wall decoration
Chalkboard wall decoration Credit: Cristina Pagnoncelli and Lauren Hom
  • Ottoman;

Living rooms and bedrooms require extra seating. An ottoman is a low stool or a thick cushion often used for resting of feet or even as a seat. It could be made out of fabric, either plain or colourful or fluffy like fabric and a recycled footstool. It’s a simple DIY art that can be done to add beauty to your room.

Ottoman wall decoration
Ottoman wall decoration. Credit: Aliexpress


  • Hanging flower vases;

You could hang flower vases next to your window to get that nature vibe for your room, creating your own little nursery. You could watch the plants grow in your room.

Hanging flower vases wall decoration
Credit: LifeStyle Designs on Youtube
Hanging flower vases wall decoration
  • Photo clipboard;

This is done by gathering a collection of your favourite photos on the wall of your room. These collections could consist of your favourite personal photo, family photo with parents or siblings, and a cut-out photo from a magazine, favourite paintings and drawings, photo of your favourite pet animal or flower and a whole lot of others. These could be fastened to the wall of your room or placed on clipboards before hanging on the wall.

Photo clipboard room decoration
Credit: D.BLACKMORE Photo clipboard room decoration
  • Colourful floor cushions;

This is made by cutting colourful fabrics and then sewing them together into two large fabric circle. Stitch them together and fill them to make giant comfy colourful floor cushions.

Colourful floor cushions room decoration
Impressive Interior Design Colourful floor cushions room decoration
  • Jar supplies holder;

A beautiful vintage jar would do. You could place on your table and fill with supplies like pencils, paintbrush, makeup brush, pen, rulers and others. This could save you the stress of searching for your stuff and help organize tour room table whilst adding beauty.

Jar supplies holder room decoration
Credit: HomeBNC Jar supplies holder room decoration
  • Geometric pattern;

This is done using a tape to create a geometric pattern of your choice on the wall of your room. It could be large occupying the whole span of the wall or just small size on a particular area of the wall.

Geometric pattern room decoration
Geometric pattern room decoration


  • Teacups candle;

Melt wax into vintage cups to create unique candles for your living room or bedroom. You could either use matching teacups or mix the designs depending on what vibe you are begging for.

  • Splash colouring;

This is done by either splashing a colour of your choice faintly on the wall to match the original wall paint, or multiple colours could be used to give that crazy look vibe on the wall of your room.

These are but a few DIY room decorations that can be done in our room to make it feel homely, beautiful and comfortable for dwelling. It’s fun to create new things and explore your imaginations, it gives you a sense of peace, and happiness and pride that you are able to make something from a whole lot of things can transform your environment to match one of your dreams.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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