Sad News for Nollywood as Popular Actress dies at 48.


Popularly admired for her appalling display of character in “the Johnson”, an award-winning TV series and African magic special that saw her portrayal of Emu Johnson; the loquacious housewife and the typical mural of an average Nigerian mother, the Nollywood trailblazer Adah Ameh has laid to rest.

Sad News for Nollywood; Popular Actress dies at 48.

Following information sailing, the 48-year-old actress had reportedly been hosted by an oil company worker and his family in Delta state where she collapsed and while she was being tugged to a hospital in the late hours of Sunday the 17th of July she died.

The president of the actors guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas has given an official speech confirming the deceased nature of the Nollywood actress while expressing bewilderment towards the circumstances surrounding her death

He said:

We lost Ada. No details at the moment, but we’ve lost Ada”

She had, weeks ago, disclosed to the public the state of her mental health, and how depression had begun taking a toll on her life she claimed that everything was going to play out fine and although her current situation is taking her away and causing an upset in her professional career, she would get over it.

Sad News for Nollywood; Popular Actress dies at 48.

The actress who mothered the late Aladi Godgift at the age of 13; a sheer result of peer pressure, was shaken by the loss of her daughter who had surpassed, in age, the threshold of 30. Her daughter had laid victim to a flawed surgery carried out in Abuja

She said:

Everything is going to be fine. I have an issue right now, and it’s taking my life. I will not die. We will get over it”

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