Steps to check NYSC 2016 Batch A call up Letter


Steps to check NYSC 2016 Batch A call up Letter

Steps to check NYSC 2016 Batch A call up Letter is meant to guide prospective corps members on how to check their NYSC 2016 Batch A call up Letter and print it.

The NYSC 2016 Batch A call-up letter was uploaded this morning and you might likely have issues of Service Unavailable from time to time as most prospective corps members are on NYSC official site trying to check their state of deployment.

Most corps members have been sent sms concerning the Stream they are to join and the date of reporting to camp while some are yet to get sms.

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Here are Steps to check NYSC 2016 Batch A call up Letter

  1. Visit the official NYSC portal at
  2. Log in with your registered email address and password on NYSC portal
  3. In your dashboard, you’ll see PRINT CALL UP LETTER
  4. If you do not see it, it means you’ll join stream II,
  5. If you do, click on it
  6. then download and print

NB: Remember to make copies to make your registration in camp easy and save cost of photocopying in camp. If you have any question, use the comment box and we’ll reply you within 24hrs.

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  1. pls am trying to. print it not going it telling me invalid email and is the email I use to print my green card hp I don’t have issue

  2. Hello, Goodday. Pls can someone help me out here. I can’t access my own page on the NYSC site, it keeps telling me incorrect pass code. I have even tried to change my password, I answered my security question and it still says that one is incorrect also. i have called the helplines and all are unavailable/switched off. Pls can someone help me out here. I dunno what else to do.

    • its very easy to access once you’re sure u know ur email which u signed up with, all u have to do is click on the ‘Forgot Password or Email’ and click on ‘Reset Password’ under the ‘Recover Password’ put ur correct email and phone number which u signed up the account with and also click on the ‘I agree to have a password reset’ and submit then u would be told to put your city and a new password and thats all

  3. i hv issue is in accessing the nysc side, the keep telling me is a wrong password or email and is the same email i use in printing my green card, please i need help

  4. Hello,Please after login in to my profile successfully, i didn’t see any link to Call Up Letter. Only link to Green Card and the payment. What could be wrong ?

      • please admin, you have not answered us on when stream 2 orientation course will be. Am confused, they should not frustrates us again since February till date.

  5. I have not received any sms and I went to print and my call up has not been uploaded.please I want to know if they will upload it-

  6. Please admin, NYSC sent two different SMS to us (awaiting stream 2) some ppl received there own with date while some received without the date, we’re confused… Please guide us and explain to us

  7. Greeting Admin. When I first log in to my dashboard I saw the link to print call up later bt, moment after, call up letter link doesn’t appear anymore. Please I’m confused

  8. Its better if they just let us know the exact date that the link for printing of our callup letter wil appear on our dashboard. Pls… this wil make us at ease…knowin they r nt tru wit us.

  9. for those scream ii who av not received any message about the state of deployment,plsss when should we be expecting?.

  10. Please admin I have. Sent all kind of mails but no reply why I was mobile last yr but due to health issues I couldn’t make I still have my call up letter since na I have paid on line for new call up but when I log in the site is telling me reg is closed I am confused be advise me
    Name Akporaivi onoriode
    Deploy state anambra
    Yr last year
    Sch delta state poly Ozoro

    • Also less I forget the number that I used last for reg is lost I couldn’t re store it back my new no is 08179484000 08129200388
      Thanks God bless

      Kind regards
      From Akporaivi Onoriode
      Phone 08179484000

    • You were supposed to do your re-mobilization during the registration process. If you did not do that, it means you’ll be joining Batch B 2016. Still, you will be requested to process the re-mobilization before it will take effect.

  11. Hi, i got a msg from nysc that i will be notified when to prink but without a date and there’s no link to print callup letter on my dashboard. Also, i did not pay so do i go to headquarters now to collect or wait for when stream 2 callup is ready?

  12. For those of us that didnt get any sms concerning our stream. What is the probability that we are going to get a notification via sms the next time the call up letter is ready for printing.

  13. For those who were mobilised for stream1 2016 batch A,but couldnt register in camp due to late arrival,and closed portal,what becomes of our fate?Do we join stream 2 of same batch A?

  14. Please what is this we are hearing that no stream 2. This is highly frustrating. Is this true please??? Please let us know on time for the sake of those already preparing. Its not fair.

  15. pls i just received the sms that my call up letter is out and i should go online and print but i cant seem to print it from my dash board. what do i do

  16. I couldn’t be in camp with stream 1 due to health issues,is it possible for me to join stream 2 batch A 2016.

  17. Good morning , I was sent the SMS yesterday [17/05/16] evening around 8pm to go online and print my call up letter. But the link is not displayed on my dash board. Please what can I do.

    • Pls, I am having a similar issue here. I got a text to print it but didn’t find any link on my dashboard. Have u gotten any solution to it?

  18. Good day, I didn’t pay for the online printing. So, did’t find where to print or even see my posting. But I was told I will see it in the call up letter in my school. Please confirm that, my not paying for the online stuff won’t deter me from serving with the stream 2 which is my bathc

  19. Hello admin, jst wnt to knw wen we gonna print our callup letter, and wen we are 2 resume in camp bcos wat we hav on d time table is 14th of nov 2016 for d printin and 21-25th of nov for d resumbtin bt it seems its has been pospnd bt nt earing a straight and cmplet informatn 4rm oder colleague cn u pls share mre light on dat? am tofunmi by name, phne no +2347031162979 tnx alot


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