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VERTIGO: This is a health condition in which a person while holding still, feels like everywhere around him is rotating or turning around. Some people call it dizziness too. Health professionals say that it involves the balance between the inner ear and the brain. Vertigo can be created by spinning around or riding on a Rollercoaster, but vertigo created through this means is short-lived. In contrast, when vertigo is experienced as a result of sickness or injury, it can take hours, or even days before it stops.


The causes of vertigo depend on the type of vertigo whether it is central vertigo or peripheral vertigo.
Causes of central vertigo
• A concussion is brain trauma caused by injury.
• Brain tumour
• Multiple sclerosis
• Stroke
• Vestibule migraine

Causes of peripheral vertigo

• Labyrinthitis: This is the inflammation of the inner ear as a result of infection. This causes vertigo.
• Vestibule nerve tumor
• Fluid accumulation in the inner ear. This could lead to loss of hearing.

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Symptoms of vertigo may include:
• Loss of balance
• Feeling of spinning around even when a person is still. Head movement or rolling of the body only worsens the situation.
• Nausea


Health conditions that increase the risk of vertigo
• Infection in the ear.
• Brain injury.
• Side effects of some medications.
• For some, taking alcohol exposes them to vertigo.
• High blood pressure.
• Stroke.


Vertigo can be diagnoses through routine head exercise or Dix-Hallpike test this test is used to replicate vertigo symptoms thus identify the underlying cause. Vertigo can also be diagnosed through MRI, CT scan, or electronystagmography.


Vertigo and dizziness are medically different.
VERTIGO: This occurs when a person feels like he/she is spinning or his or her environment is spinning around him/her. Vertigo involves sensational movements which can be a result of a disturbance of either the brain or the inner ear.
DIZZINESS: This occurs when a person feels lightheaded and weak. The person also feels as if he or she is about to fall. Dizziness occurs as a result of a short supply of blood to the brain.


Canalith repositioning: This involves the movement of the head to reposition lost crystals, when these crystals have been repositioned the irritation is reduced and the symptoms resolved. This method of treatment can worsen vertigo if not done by a health care professional.

Brandt- Daroff exercise: This is an exercise in which a person lies flat quickly from a seating position with one’s head turning away from the side u are experiencing vertigo. This method has to be done so many times a day to achieve the best result.

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Most times vertigo occurs suddenly making it difficult to foretell who is at risk. Vertigo CAN NOT be prevented. Nevertheless, keeping a healthy lifestyle which includes:
• Controlling risk factors of stroke,
• Controlling high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol,
• And avoiding the use of tobacco reduces the risk of experiencing vertigo.

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