Example of Tecno Phones below 20000


Example of Tecno Phones below 20000


If you are in search of a cheap android phone, especially a cheap or affordable Tecno phone, then you are in the right place. According to a report given at the I/O developer conference, it was announced that currently, among the world’s population, a total number of 2.5 billion people of the population are using an android phone.

Tecno mobile is one of the world’s largest android phones producers. It is recorded that the company discovered most of the users of Tecno and android mobile phones, in general, are Africans, they decided to shift their focus from Asia and other regions of the world to the African markets in order to remain in business.

This shift happened in the year 2008. After gaining grounds in Africa, the company decided to try out markets in the Middle East in the year 2016. Tecno mobile is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturing company, situated in Shenzen. Tecno phones are ranked as one of the most used quality android phones in the world, and the producers are patronized regularly by their users because of the durability of their products.

Most certainly, because of the ongoing Black Friday sales for the entire month of November, buyers like you who are in search of Phones that will go for ₦20,000 (twenty thousand Naira) or less will certainly want to go for an android Tecno mobile phone.

When in search of a new phone to pimp your everyday style or change the look of your hands, or simply a new phone to replace an old, what brand of android phones do you go for? What features in a phone are you most concerned about?

Some people search for the MP (Megapixels) which makes for the quality of pictures, some people look out for the durability of the battery and most importantly, some people who are tech-inclined first search for the RAM of the phone. Some of us who know nothing about all of these and are only concerned about the weight of our pockets or our budgets just lookout for good or quality phones we can afford.

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We certainly do not want to go way above and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. People tend to use Tecno mobile phones because they are of good quality and have very long-lasting battery life. With the huge 80% cut off on goods and products on Black Friday, November sales, getting quality and affordable Tecno phone below ₦20,000 is very possible.

List of Tecno Phones below ₦20,000

Finding a good and cheap android phone with all the boxes checked, camera or and picture quality, the battery life of the phone and the phone memory for the price of ₦20,000(twenty thousand naira) or less can be a little tasking or frustrating, especially when you have to stick to a budget.

Tecno android mobile phones has you covered, as there is a phone cost or price for every pocket size and you definitely will not regret making that buy once it is a Tecno mobile phone. There are Symbian and torchlight Tecno mobile phones that are of a lower price, but the following are the most affordable reliable Tecno phones you can find out there in the market.

The Tecno F1-Dual sim- 5” Big screen – 8gb Rom + 1gb Ram – 5mp + 2mp Camera – and a 2000mah Battery, goes for the price of ₦22,000. It comes mostly in black and Champagne gold.

The Tecno F1-5 Big Screen with an 8gb Rom and a 1gb Ram has a Camera of 5mp + 2mp, an Android 8.1 Oreo with a 2000mah Battery life. Comes in an elegant black color. Goes for the price of ₦21,000.

A Tecno POP 2F (B1F) – 5.5’ with a 16GBROM, 1GB RAM and 8MP+5MP, with a 2400 Battery mah. It is Fingerprint and Face Unlocked enabled. It goes for the price of ₦25,000.

Tecno POP3 (BB2) with a 5.7 Screen, a 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM, Android 8.1 Oreo, with an 8MP + 5MP Camera, 3500mah, with Fingerprint and Facial unlock.

Tecno phones are durable and are usually the best choice for Nigerians or even people around the world who choose to purchase quality android phones. Though these phones appear cheap, they have or usually come with a warranty of up to 3 to 5 years upon purchase.


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