Terrorists Acquires RPG, Anti-Airplane and assault Guns, prepares for Full scale attack.


Terrorist acquires RGP and prepares for a full-scale assault on Kastina.

The Iswap terrorist organization has been said to have mobilized their fighters and obtained heavy Calvary with the intent of executing a full-scale attack on Kastina state, with ground zero being in up north, other domestic terrorist groups attached to Boko haram have begun preparation to attack other metropolitan states the likes of Lagos, Zamfara, Kaduna and FCT.

This is coming from a memo titled “heightened plots by terrorists to stage coordinated attacks in parts of the country “contracted on the 25th of July by the DG operations, DD Mugandi.  It started in the memo that credible information has been unearthed revealing the intent of the said terrorist groups; Boko haram and ISWAP, mobilizing their fleets with grade-A caliber weapons that can gun down fighter jets the likes of Rocket-propelled grenades, Anti-Aircraft, and general purpose machine guns for the sake of their slated assault on Kastina state.

It also highlighted the possible danger to come about in the north-west, north-central, and southwest metropolitan areas; Lagos, FCT, Kaduna, etc. as bandits are scheming a coordinated assault on the aforementioned places.

The memo read:

“We have received credible intelligence that Boko-Haram and the ISWAP Terrorist groups have mobilized fighters and high caliber weapons particularly Rocket-propelled Grenade (RPG) launchers, Anti-Aircraft (AA) guns, and General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGS) which they intend to deploy for the offensive in Katsina State.

“In another development, two separate bandits groups are plotting coordinated attacks on North-West, North Central and South West. (Katsina, Zamfara, Kaduna, Kogi, FCT, and Lagos) respectively.

“Consequently, the commandant general has directed you to scale up deployment in all strategic places including: schools, worship centers, and critical national assets in your respective states to checkmate any possible threats by these criminal elements.”


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