19 Best Christmas Games to Stay in the Festive Spirit


Best Christmas Games to Catch some Fun

Many people are always happy when participating in Christmas activities, such as Christmas parties, outings and games, yes Games! are wonderful activities with a lot of fun you can enjoy with your friends and families.

You can use it to keep your party guests busy, feature it in that wonderful Christmas party you wish to have, enjoy the best holiday (i.e. Christmas) with your kids, and have some fun with your family while enjoying a fun-filled holiday at the same time.

Christmas season is the time to pick out exciting games for your children so why don’t you keep them occupied with these fun-filled Christmas games?

You are sure to add more fun to your merry Christmas celebration with these Christmas games, read on to find the games that you can play best.


The Best Christmas Games

Here are some Christmas games to have a lot of fun with everyone around you this season.

‘Guess who’ Christmas Game

72 Fun Christmas Party Games (2023) - Parade

This is a game that is a mixture of fun and memory building, the best game to play with your kids.

Christmas Bingo

Free Printable Christmas Bingo | artsy-fartsy mama

This is a perfect match for people who are looking for a Christmas game they can play with their large family, and you can play this game with up to 40 people at a time. So take a quick stop at Amazon to get this interesting game and play it with your families.

With Christmas Bingo, you can undoubtedly enjoy the Christmas spirit.

Snowman Bingo

Snowman BINGO | Teach Starter

This is a perfect Christmas game that is easy to play and has good quality. It contains 24 Bingoplayer cards and 2 calling sheets.

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You can buy it from Amazon

Can you guess the Christmas Movie? Game

3 Christmas Movie Trivia Games {Free Printable} - Play Party Plan

This is a Christmas Game for adults, the right time to test the knowledge of your guests in Christmas Movies. the person who has the most knowledge about Christmas movies ranging from popular to interesting, wins the game.

Reindeer Antler Ring Toss

2 Antlers 10 Rings) - 2-4 Players Inflatable Ring Toss Game for Christmas party - Game Rules Included : Amazon.com.au: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors

This is a game that is played by both adults and kids, have some fun tossing rings and at the same time, knowing who would get the ring into the Reindeer Antler.

Christmas Board Game


Spend your quality time this season with this Christmas Board game.

Obstacle Cross: Don’t Ring the Bell Christmas Game

Don't Ring the Bells Obstacle Course

Don’t Ring the Bell obstacle cross is a game for both adults and kids. create an obstacle with bells attached and take turns passing through the obstacle without ringing the bell, he who rings the bell is out of the game.

Don't Ring the Bells Obstacle Course

You can also make prices which would be given to the winner.

Are you on Santa’s List? Naughty or Nice

Are you on Santa's Naughty or Nice List right now? - eSpares

This is an interesting and simple game that will keep those around you smiling. Print cards with the Inscription Naughty on a card and another inscription Nice on another card then share this to your guests and have them decide their fate on Santa’s list.

Make sure you share the card to them in a way they can’t find what is written on the card after they have collected it.

Who am I? Game (Christmas Edition)

What Am I? - Christmas Guessing Game | PreK-2 ELA | Twinkl

This game is similar to the Who am I? game played every day, but you can add some more interesting features to make out more fun.

Christmas Pictionary

CHRISTMAS PICTIONARY - ESL worksheet by Katiana

This is the perfect entertainment for a Christmas party or a game night that will keep your guests engaged and smiling.

Christmas Scavenger hunt

Christmas Scavenger Hunt - ABC Kids

Hide Christmas objects in your home and send your Kids, nephews and niece to go look for them. Watch them have fun looking for the treasure.

Stocking Guessing Game

Christmas stocking guessing game - Party Games 4 Kids

Get cheap stockings and hide different Christmas objects such as a snow globe, candy canes and ornaments in them, have your family members, kids, friends and guests guess what is inside. The person who guessed most of them correctly takes all.

Jingle bell toss

Fun Family Christmas Games - The Inspiration Board

This game which is played with red mini cups and tiny jingle bells is the best game for kids and also for adults who wish to revive their childhood memories.

My Heart with Pleasure Fills: Jingle Bell Toss

Each player tosses the bell in a bid to get it into the cup, and the person that succeded most wins the game.

Guess the smell game

Just be happy!: The Smell Game

Place different Christmas or festive object that has a distinct smell on different jars, then have the person who wishes to smell them blindfolded so they wouldn’t see the object.

They have to guess the object through the smell.

Silver Bell memory game

Silver Bells Memory Game - I Can Teach My Child!

This is a memory game which is good for child brain development and can be played by both adults and children.

Elf in the shelf- Hide and seek game

Holiday Hide-and-Seek | The Elf on the Shelf

Hide and seek game is one of the best games for children but it can make your home messy with lots of children running around. Add some fun to the game by hiding the Elf or any other Christmas character and then get them looking for it.

Guess the number of candies Game

Christmas Gift Idea | Mason jar candy, Mason jars, Candy gifts

This is one of the Christmas games that you can get for your kids today. To play this game, you will fill different transparent containers (or you can alternatively use a glass jar) with different kinds of candies and they must vary in the number of candies found in each container.

Then you have your kids guess the number of candies the vessel contains. the kid who guesses correctly can take some candies from the container as a price.

Candy cane hunt

Candy Cane Hunt | City of Paducah

This is a new edition of the classic Easter egg hunt that is played with candy canes this time around. All you have to do is Hide candy canes in all corners of your home and then give each child a holiday vessel to put the candy canes and then send them out to fetch the candy canes.

To make it more fun, you can add a price for the winner and give them a limited time to find the candy canes.

What’s the taste? Game

Play the taste-test game and get your kids to like new foods! | Little Aussie Communities

This is an interesting Christmas game that can be played by everyone, all you have to do is blindfold the participants and feed them with different Christmas meals or a combination of two or three. They can only guess the food they are eating through the taste.

These games are one of the things that you can do this holiday season to make it one of the wonderful holidays you’ve shared with someone. Your kids will appreciate the games that you’ve made available for them to enjoy this wonderful holiday.

You can also add it to the list of things that you would feature in that upcoming Christmas party that you want to host. So why don’t you pick this game now to keep your guests smiling all evening?

You can buy this game that needs materials which you don’t have from your local market or shop online at Amazon a trusted online shop.

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