Things to do and avoid in 2023


Things to do and avoid in 2023

Every year is a new step in our lives, a time to continue learning, unlearning and relearning. As we grow older, there is a natural tendency to drop some habits and pick up new ones. For a year following a previous year that came with unexpected events, what are the things you should do and the things you should avoid?

What you should do in 2023

Take Responsibility

These words that became common during the heated periods of the virus is one focus we should have in the new year.
It is time to avoid excuses and take responsibility for your every action; apologize when necessary, try to make amends when you make a mistake, don’t wait to be reminded and strive to do better at achieving your goals.


Our intelligence and ability to decipher many situations will only grow as we study harder. Read more books, and pay more attention to little details.
Study your environment and know what is going on, be aware and alert.


Lend a helping hand to someone in need, as long as it does not exceed your capacity. Help your neighbours and colleagues out when necessary. Avoid saying hurtful words and using harsh tones, be your brother’s keeper.


Everything you will accomplish is embedded in the plan you make. Although your plans may work if they remain in your head, it is better to write them out. Learn to calculate the risks and benefits before making any decision.
With every task you have to accomplish, plan how to go about it; the steps to take, inquiries to make, budgets to look at etc.


Learning is a continuous process; therefore you should be open to learning from anyone- young or old. Do not be ashamed to admit when you do not know; that in itself is a step in learning.
For every opportunity, you have to meet people, make sure you learn something new. No knowledge is a waste, gather as much as possible when you can.


Try to avoid mistakes as much as possible, but in case you err, pick up from where you stopped and continue. Do not condemn yourself over mistakes you made, or over incidences you couldn’t avoid, there is always room for improvement.


What are the things you should avoid in 2023?


Events will continue to happen around you, some may pressurize you into making decisions you shouldn’t take but try to avoid the pressure of any sort. If you have mapped out a plan, stick to it; don’t try to hasten it up or slow it down because of how things turned out for someone else.


Take everything that concerns you seriously; health, relationships, finances, academics, personal life, etc.
Be alert enough to notice when something is wrong with your health, your relationship, your career, and every aspect of your life. If you notice you are getting stressed out, it’s okay to take some rest. A stitch in time saves nine.

Eye service

In whatever position we find ourselves, there is sometimes the tendency to do something just because someone is there, or just to please someone. While this may help us remain on our feet in our daily walk, we must learn to do everything because we ought to.
Avoid eye service or window dressing, and do the right things always.


Sometimes, we feel like leaving all the work we have to do and just getting “a little rest”. Resist the urge to get a little more sleep when you are sure you have slept enough. Laziness is a gradual process that begins with apathy towards our responsibilities, resist it on time.


Anytime you feel like procrastinating, take an intentional step and do what you are supposed to do. Nothing keeps a person behind like procrastination, because in the end most times, we end up not doing any of the things we were meant to do.
To avoid procrastination, you will have to make plans according to your abilities, so you can fulfil them when you ought to.

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To become better financially, you will have to be economical with the way you spend. Draw up a budget for every income you receive and follow it diligently.
Analyze your expenses and cut down on irrelevant expenditure.

This list contains only but a few tips, take a scan of your life currently if there are habits you should do away with or avoid, begin to make steps today to end them.




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