Scholarships -top 5 countries that are offering tuition-free scholarships


Scholarships -top 5 countries that are offering tuition-free scholarships

Are you desirous of furthering your higher institution overseas? Do you also know that there are institutions abroad that are offering free tuition and scholarships? Well, Example.NG has got you covered by presenting you with the top five countries that are offering tuition-free scholarships currently.

Many in the world today yearn to further their tertiary education abroad, but the big challenge always centers on the financial aspect of it. Some may succeed in winning a scholarship to school abroad but the expenses they will incur regarding their flight, accommodation when they get there and other necessities pose a big challenge and become discouraging to these ones.

The good news is that some countries have made it easier for these ones by offering free tuition scholarships to anybody who desires to school abroad, through the various institutions available in each of these countries.

Far from what many believe, that securing a high degree or qualification overseas is impossible without a huge amount of dollars, pounds, or euros in your account, you can still obtain a degree some institutions in several countries abroad through their free or low tuition programs. A list of the top five countries offering these tuition-free scholarships has been compiled in this article in descending order.

5. Iceland

It will be appalling to many to know that Iceland which may be seen as one of the minor countries in the world, offers free tuition and scholarship programs to international students. Here in Iceland, students are only to pay for an application form which is non-refundable. Regarding tuition, especially in public universities, such is not required.

Another good thing is that the application fee is just 75000 ISK (the currency of Iceland) which just €500. Iceland houses a total of 7 thousand universities with an estimated number of 19 thousand students with 5% of the students coming from other countries. Also, the majority of the institutions are modernized with state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with a serene learning environment.

4. Austria

Austria is another country that makes schooling abroad easy and affordable. Here the tuition is lower in public universities and also free in some cases as compared to private universities. Students from European Union and European Economic countries, stand to benefit from a non-payment of fees for those who have not exceeded the minimum duration of their study program and in addition to two extra semesters. For those in these categories, they are to Commence payment of €363.36 after the additional free tuition semesters given to them have been exceeded.

For students from non-EU/EEA countries, they are to pay some of €726 72 per semester, at public universities. The EU/EEA students and the non-EU/EEA students are also to pay a student union fee of €18 every semester. You can apply for scholarships or possibly work part-time to be able to cater for yourself. One thing one needs to be cognizant of is that the official language used in Austria is German, however other recognized languages are Burge land Croatian, Hungarian and Slovene. As such one needs to learn these languages to be able to relate freely in any of the institutions.

3. Finland

Finland happens to be one of the best countries when it comes to high-quality education. As proof of how much Finland values education, all the teachers employed in Finland institutions must be master degree holders.

Finland admits over 20,000 international students and you will be glad to know that Finland happens to be one of the best destinations for international students. It has a strong affiliation with other European countries which gives its students the chance to explore the rest of the world.

Regarding the cost of schooling in Finland as an international student, you don’t have to panic because the it has a low tuition fee scheme to make schooling affordable in the country. For students from EU/EEA countries, tuition is free.

For students from other countries tuition fees have to be paid and this tuition fee vary with institutions. One thing you are guaranteed is that the range of these fees is between €6,000 to €18,000, as such, it is advisable that before applying you need to contact your chosen institution to get specific information regarding the fees.

2. Norway

Public universities in Norway do not charge tuition fees even for international students. However, you may have to pay a small amount each semester, depending on where you want to study, which is usually between NOK 300 and NOK 600 which is equivalent to €29 to €58. With this semester fee, you receive membership in the student union, access to health services, advice and sports facilities as well as an official student ID.

The student ID card helps to reduce the amount you will have to be paying for transportation to school as well as to the museums and art galleries. Some scholarships are available for international students and students from EU/EEA countries so do well to check them out with your chosen institution to know if you are eligible to apply.

1. Germany

Germany ranks number one on the list due to its low/free tuition program. Compared to the high application fee required before commencement of application, Germany charges a registration fee of €50 to €250 every semester. Private universities in Germany set their own tuition fees. As such it is pertinent that you check the fees you will be required to pay in your chosen institution and then budget towards it. Private institutions are expensive in Germany, compared to public ones.

Regarding food, rent, and travel you are required to budget between €900 to €1000 every month, for international students.


If you are contemplating moving overseas to further your education and you are confused as to which country provides the lowest or tuition-free schooling, I believe the top five countries offering free tuition and scholarships will make it less stressful for you.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.

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