14 Types of Clothing Fabric


Types of Clothing Fabric

Clothing is material or fabric worn to cover and protect the body. Fabrics are gotten from fibre, animal skin or Synthetic processes. Our wears such as sweaters, trousers, skirts, shirts, singlets, underwears are made from different materials or fabric according to their uses.

Some materials are good for making clothes thick for protection against cold weather, while others are to expose the body to the slightest breeze in sunny weather. Some are made too to withstand rugged conditions as hiking adventures, while others are made for fashion.

Types of Fabric

Cotton: this is a natural fabric made from the cotton plant. It is soft, fluffy, and very absorbent. It is a durable and washable fabric and is used in making skirts, shirts, trousers, gloves, socks, underwear and gowns. Cotton material can be used in making these clothes because it feels very comfortable and easy on the skin.

Linen: This is a very light but strong material. It does not tear or fade easily. It is a natural fabric gotten from the flax plant. It is absorbent too. Its lightness makes it easy for air to pass through and then dries out in the sun. It is used for lining (material attached under clothes especially skirts to make them less transparent), like towel, bed-sheet, napkin, shirt, gowns and skirts.

Wool: this is gotten from animals such as sheep. It is soft, flexible and elastic to a certain degree. It is made to be light or heavy. It helps to keep the skin dry and warm. It is used in making clothes for cold weather such as jackets, sweaters, gloves, shirts, and head-warmers. A relatable experience would be the feel of your furry friend slithering in-between your both feet.

Cashmere: This is made from goatskin. It looks like wool fabric. Sometimes it is mixed with wool to make it thick. It is a soft and light material and almost silky on the fingers. Just like wool, it helps keep the body warm.

Chiffon: This is a very lightweight material that can be swept by air. It is transparent and absorbent. It is used in making summer clothes and curtains. It is easy to wash both with hand and machine.

Jersey: this is a knitted type of fabric, it is known for its softness and elasticity. It is made from wool, cotton, synthetic fibres or a mix of cotton fabrics. It feels smooth on its outside. The weight of this material depends on what mix of fabric is used in making it. It is very absorbent and is used in making sweat and T-shirts.

Lace: this is an open-weaved fabric made from silk and linen threads. It can also be made from cotton and synthetic fibres. The material can be seen as a traditional material with designs and patterns. It is used mainly for gowns and shirts, then to add design and beauty to other clothing such as jackets, skirts, and underwear. Some types of lace include embroidered lace, Chantilly lace, knit lace, and alençon lace.

Leather: this is material from animal skin. They are of different types as some are made from goat, cow, crocodiles and pigs. This material is very rough. When it wrinkles, it expands or contracts back, thanks to its elastic nature. It is used in making jackets and trousers. It can also be used in making bags and shoes.

Modal: this is made from tree pull and is sometimes mixed with cotton. It is flexible and absorbent. It is popularly used for indoor clothing such as pyjamas, underwear and shirt. It can also be used for towels and bed sheets.

Organza: this material is very light and transparent. It is woven from silk, synthetic fibres (polyester and nylon). It is not absorbent but has very tiny pores. It can easily tear or fray. It is a fashionable material as it used in clothing as gowns and shirts.

Polyester: This is a Synthetic fabric made from coal and petroleum. It is non-absorbent and is durable. It is usually mixed with other fabrics to add strength and make it possibly absorbent.

Silk: this is a very soft natural material produced by the silkworm. It is shining and very has a smooth feel. It is also strong and very absorbent. It is used in making gowns, under-wears, shirts, just to mention a few. It is also used for upholstery.

Suede: This is similar to leather. It is made from hides of goat, lamb, deer and other animals with thick skin and less fur. It is soft and absorbent. It is used in making trousers, gowns, caps, jackets and shoes

Satin: this can be natural or Synthetic. It is soft, shiny and elastic. It is luxurious on the outside but dull on the inside. It does not squeeze easily or retain stain.

A few other clothing fabrics include; fur, georgette, taffeta, velvet, Lycra, rayon, chenille, canvas and nylon, and there’s more comfort knowing.

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