8 Types Of Photography


Types Of Photography

Photography as an art of creating images called pictures with the application of light and the use of electronic devices is a whole different form of art. Though artists- paint and photographers alike duplicate images on paper, photography uses light to create images on photosensitive surfaces- photographic films or electronic image sensors as Charged-Coupled Device (CCD), whereas painting is the use of colours to create pictures on papers or canvases.

This difference doesn`t question the originality of either, they are both separate art forms and unique in their methods. Albeit,  Photography may be described to be advanced artistry.

Types of photography

Saying `types of photography` stems from global recognition of specialization, and even as specialization is the truest form o mastery, some photographers take their pick from factors like environment, to match their hobbies, from burning passion and this makes the best photographers or even that which pays the most bills.

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The types of photography include the following:

⮚ Fashion photography:

As fashion takes more dynamic forms, there has got to be a record of history, Meanwhile, it is true fashion moves in repeated cycles; Yes, these wardrobe ideas have existed- don`t get too excited old school! the only difference is the coloured TVs and modern channel on which they are marketed, and their gorgeous runway models unknowingly marketing modern skincare products.

 Fashion photography is concerned with capturing the glitz and glamour of fashionable displays. Pamela Hanson has been recorded to be among the most successful fashion photographers in recent times working with brands like Victoria’s Secret, LOreal, Vogue and several other notable companies.

⮚ Photojournalism:

Graphics- pictures and videos provide concrete evidence. Journalism is one career that deals with gathering evidence and reporting events. Sometimes, to buttress and show evidence of a story, pictures are presented. Photojournalism is reporting events with pictures.

⮚ Still life photography:

This is photography related to the capturing of inanimate objects like the cushion arrangements of a house, food, books, sewing kit, makeup kit, shoes, headset, and guns, to mention but a few.

⮚ Wide-life photography:

This is photography related to things that live and breathe especially in the forest. Photography of wide animals both on land and sea. For example, a dolphin in the sea, a shark, lions running after their prey, monkeys on trees and a snake.

⮚ Nature photography:

This is also related to living things but the majority of images seen on nature photography are things we might barely take note of but they add beauty to nature. They include insects and very tiny creatures, flowers, the cloud, a waterfall, and a desert.

⮚ Landscape photography:

This type of photography is concerned with beautiful sceneries. It does not just show a picture of a flower or a butterfly, it shows the garden. It doesn’t just show the mountains, it shows the mountain touching the cloud, the bird flying across and the shrubs below. It shows the land and what it contains that beautifies it.

⮚ Sports photography:

This type of photography is concerned with sports and their actions. It captures moments of sporting events
Microphotography: Micro implies small while the macro is for things that are big. Macro photography is concerned with enlarging or creating a bigger view of the very small and tiny details of images. For example, an enlarged photo of an ant, a raindrop, micro-organisms, and an enlarged picture of the eyes.

⮚ Portrait photography:

This is the most common type of photography. Its show images of people living their daily life. Today, portrait photography is seen on our social media platforms.

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Products of photography are used for;

★ Entertainment purpose
★ Educational purposes
★ To pass information and communicate
★ As a means of storage. Moments and memories are stored in pictures

Photography is fast becoming a trend and for a photograph to be appreciated, it must be of perfect tone, texture, line, colour, shape, space, and form.

Photography can be taken up as a professional skill or just as a hobby and modern technology makes it even simpler and owning a camera very affordable, through releases in android phones and their upgrades for better features as the camera in context. Look to our next article for types of cameras.

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