7 Hotels Close to University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Features, and Prices


7 Hotels Close to University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Features, and Prices

The University of Ilorin also recognized as Unilorin, is a federal government-operated university situated in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. It was founded through a decree issued by the federal military government in August 1975.

The establishment aimed to fulfil one of the educational goals outlined in the Third National Development Plan, which sought to expand educational opportunities for Nigerians aspiring to attain a university education. This expansion was seen as crucial for generating high-level expertise needed by the rapidly growing economy.

Securing overnight accommodations can pose a challenge for many individuals. Their reasons for seeking lodging could range from attending conferences or business meetings scheduled for the following day. Similarly, students who haven’t secured a permanent residence near the school may opt to stay in a nearby hotel. Utilizing location-based tools like Google Maps and others, we can identify hotels situated in close proximity to the University of Ilorin.

Hotels Close to University of Ilorin, Ilorin

1. AGA Woods Hotel

Location: Plot 31, NNPC Pipeline Road, Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara

Features: Several amenities are available, encompassing complimentary WiFi availability, an on-site restaurant and bar known as “Stella’s,” an open-air terrace, unrestricted parking for both guests and visitors, a conference room, and an exclusive lounge for a personalized encounter.

Additional services include round-the-clock front desk assistance with a hospitable approach, laundry and dry-cleaning amenities, event hosting and catering options at the banquet hall, a dedicated Business Centre, a small convenience store, and transportation to and from the airport.

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Room options and prices

  • Classic Room: ₦25,000 avg/night
  • Standard Room: ₦35,000 avg/night
  • Business Room: ₦40,000 avg/night
  • Executive Room: ₦60,000 avg/night
  • Diplomat Room: ₦65,000 avg/night

2. Beniks Courtyard Hotel

Location: 22, Kola Bukoye Street Tanke, Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara

Features: Facilities/Services include Free WiFi, swimming pool, complimentary breakfast(except standard room), restaurant, viewing centre, Bars, lounge, parking lot, Laundry, and Photography

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Room options and prices

  • Standard: ₦14,000 avg/night
  • Crown: ₦25,000 avg/night
  • Deluxe: ₦28,000 avg/night
  • Super Deluxe: ₦33,000 avg/night

3. E-Phoenix Hotel

Location: 45 Aderemi Adeleye Street off basin rd. adjacent federal secretariat G.R.A Ilori, Ilorin, Kwara

Features: The accommodations come equipped with excellent amenities including a spacious king-size bed, functional desks and chairs, air conditioning units, closets, comfortable seating, refrigerators, telephones, and flat-screen TVs with access to multiple cable channels.

Additional hotel features encompass an on-site dining restaurant, generous parking facilities, reliable security measures, a bar and lounge area, and a consistent power supply. There are also available services such as laundry assistance, access to event spaces, and the option for room service.

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Room options and prices

  • Classic: ₦9,500 avg/night
  • Pentagon: ₦14,000 avg/night
  • Platinum lux: ₦15,000 avg/night
  • Legacy: ₦17,000 avg/night
  • Diamond Suites: ₦25,000 avg/night

4. Princess Luxury Hotels

Location: Plot 31, Pipeline Road, Ilorin, Kwara

Features: The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable television, cozy beds, chairs, sofas, a balcony, and bedside lamps.

The establishment has provided various amenities including complimentary Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, a fitness centre/gym, unrestricted on-site parking, continuous 24-hour electricity, an on-site restaurant offering a diverse range of dishes, and a well-stocked bar featuring a variety of premium beverages. Trained security personnel ensure the safety of the hotel premises around the clock.

Princess Luxury Hotels also offers additional services upon request. These services encompass laundry and dry cleaning, 24-hour room service, car rental, airport shuttle, event hosting facilities, and luggage storage.

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Room options and prices

  • Diplomat: ₦20,425 avg/night
  • ROYAL SUITE: ₦36,800 avg/night
  • Executive Royal Suite: ₦75,000 avg/night

5. Noktel Resort Hotel

Location: 14/16 Noktel Drive, Off Catchment Road, G.R.A., Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara

Features: Every room is completely air-conditioned, featuring a private attached bathroom, a TV, and a workstation. The hotel also provides extra exceptional amenities such as round-the-clock front desk assistance, laundry and dry cleaning options, an airport shuttle service, event hosting spaces, a dedicated business centre, and a currency exchange service.

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Room options and prices

  • Deluxe Room: ₦42,000 avg/night
  • Executive Room; ₦53,000 avg/night
  • Junior Suite: ₦95,000 avg/night
  • Presidential Suite: ₦180,000 avg/night

6. Fresh Hotels Ltd.

Location: Fate Road, G.R.A. Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara

Features: The accommodations at Fresh Hotels include a generously-sized king bed, either an air conditioner or a ceiling fan, a flat-screen TV, a personal bathroom, a closet, a writing desk, and a refrigerator. The hotel’s notable strengths lie in its commitment to security, cleanliness, and quality of service.

Fresh Hotels also provides various outdoor amenities such as a swimming pool, a bar/lounge, and a well-appointed lobby. Services encompass around-the-clock room service, laundry assistance, and a 24-hour front desk operation dedicated to ensuring customer comfort and contentment. Additionally, guests can expect an uninterrupted power supply and a high level of security at Fresh Hotels.

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Room options and prices

  • Fresh Deluxe: ₦15,000 avg/night
  • Pool View: ₦25,000 avg/night

7. Unique Guest House, Kwara

Location: Malete Road University Road P.O Box 6214, Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara

Features: Every room is furnished with safes to enhance the security of valuable belongings and important documents. Economy rooms feature tidy amenities and ceiling fans, whereas Standard and Executive rooms come equipped with air conditioning and flat-screen televisions.

Room options and prices

  • Economy Single With Fan: ₦2,500 avg/night
  • Standard Double With Fan: ₦3,000 avg/night
  • Executive Double With AC: ₦4,500 avg/night
  • Luxury Double: ₦6,000 avg/night


The accommodations offered prioritize your comfort, and you are encouraged to suggest any nearby hotels that you believe should be taken into consideration through the comments section.

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