Valentine 2021 Engagement Night Ideas, No 7 is for low budget engagement


Valentine 2021 Engagement Night Ideas


Valentine, valentine ,valentine!!! Yes, I’m actually screaming. I mean, don’t you just love Love?

Tell me, who isn’t excited to hear this? Absolutely everyone is, except for a few who think they do not have or actually do not have a special someone to shower them with petals and scented flowers or candles, beautifully littered on walkways and getting gift boxes from a lover or a loved one.

Some people (like me) *sneezes*, who are emotionally stable enough to not let their single states cloud their sense of judgements totally enjoy the videos of lovers expressing the warmth in their hearts all over the internet. You definitely want to enjoy that entertainment too, do grab some popcorn.

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Valentine 2021 Engagements

Over the years, especially in the past year 2020, cute couples have had to either tie the knot or just get hooked. Young and handsome men want to show their commitment to the women in their lives and what better time to tell your woman how much you want to be with her than the season of love?

Engagements on Valentine’s day can be fascinating and romantic. Not because people are hooking up but because people are in the euphoria and atmosphere of love and romance. Amazingly, men tend to come up with the most creative, mind-blowing yet romantic engagement ideas one can ever think of.

Sometimes, depending on preference, a man can surprise his woman with an engagement and a wedding on the same day (what’s going on in your mind right now? It’s not possible?). Some engagements are loud while others are quiet with a selected number of friends and family.

These also depend largely on whether or not a bride to be likes crowd or is a very reserved fellow. Sometimes, men go as far as proposing in the air, making use of fireworks to pop the big question.

Other times, he might just choose to propose to his lady in a private jet with the words “will you marry me?” written in bold letters somewhere on the sand or letters flying in the air. There are a whole lot of amazing and stunning engagement ideas for valentine 2021 engagement. Be prepared to be awed.

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Examples of Valentine 2021 engagement night ideas

Guys, you might just be wondering “what spectacular thing can I possibly do to pop the question and that will also be a true reflection of what I feel for this pretty woman?” Worry less, we’ve got you covered in this post.

1. Proposal in the sky:

Like the example above, you could choose to go skydiving and actually propose while on it or pop the question while on a plane.

These are one of the most uncommon yet intriguing ways to pop the question. Another way to propose using the sky is actually being on the ground, better in an open space like a beach, have a chopper fly pass with the letters in a balloon form saying “will you marry me?” While doing this, you want to be sure you have everything all set.

You also want to use the colours your woman would love. Skywriters are in the perfect position to make this happen.

2. Remarkable destinations:

Some ladies always wish to be engaged in certain notable landmarks or famous locations around the globe and I love how they do not fail to voice it out during their dating days.

Some ladies are amazing, they choose to be asked the big question in a pool or on a poolside that can be a tourist location, the Eiffel tower in France, someplace in Italy, Dubai, name it. This suggests one thing, at intervals, ask your lady in different subtle ways “what kind of engagement would you like?” “what’s your idea of a perfect engagement?,

How would you like your engagement night to play out?” Your ability to pay attention to those tiny details will make her love you, even more, it’s the little things, you know? *winks*

3. Choir/Brass band:

If your woman loves good music (who wouldn’t though?), getting a choir to sing a favourite song and popping the question is absolutely an amazing idea. This way, you get to have her enjoy good music and dance with smiles on.

4. Radio Station:

This is also a good way to ask her hand in marriage. This way, you do not have to call in a number of people for a surprise, just call in on a radio station, have them call her up while you ask the question.

This is one of the least expected ways to make a proposal. After this is done, depending on the choice, you could set up a private dinner or one with close friends and family to celebrate.

5. A Treasure hunt:

This is certainly one fun way to pop a proposal question. You can cook up a treasure hunt somewhere, maybe at home or at a fun park with cues which lead to the actual engagement question.

6. A Picnic:

If you happen to have a really reserved and quiet partner, a private picnic is certainly your go-to plan. You might just decide to pack up your significant other’s favourite meals, drinks, snacks and your ring of course, somewhere in your pocket.

If your partner loves to have her friends and family share in her moments, you might just want to fix them in the plan.

7. A walk:

This is equally for a partner who doesn’t like things done extravagantly. You might just want to seize the opportunity to take a walk on a cool evening, while conversing, with zero or little attention from people around, pop the question and, there you go.

8. Recreate a Date Night:

Recreating a date can make an engagement even more romantic. Maybe your most memorable date night or your first meet.

9. On a Rooftop:

An engagement on a rooftop with beautiful lights in the cool of the evening and maybe some good music, wine and exquisite meal can make a perfect engagement(Oh, how beautiful! I already see someone doing this). You might want to try this out.

You could make it large by bringing friends to the table or just a private one for you and your queen.

10. A Pre-proposal shoot:

This is surely a good one. Just act as it came as a random thought to take pictures and the moment she least expects it, you throw it out.

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11. Plan a Flower Delivery:

Yep, planning an engagement can leave you with a thousand and one options, you can do simply classy. Have flowers delivered to her with a note?

You might just be with her and wonder, pretend to not know who the sender is. She will definitely be awed. The smallest things sweep ladies, bro.

Whatever you do guys, do not forget to have an exceptional photographer in your plan. A lady might claim to not love pictures but this is a memorable moment, you’d always want to look back at, smile and be proud of your master plan.

In planning an engagement, you also want to be sure that your woman really wants to spend the rest of her life with you. Some guys have had to face the embarrassment that comes with asking a lady’s hand in marriage and getting a big no for an answer.

The problem isn’t the refusal or rejection, but the fact that it was done in an open space with lots of people witnessing the event. You definitely do not want that to be your case. Be sure you two have talked about happily ever after together and are on the same page.


In the meantime, Happy Valentine’s day, cook up that plan, get every hand you need on deck, go fetch her most desired engagement ring and congratulations!!!

Now your turn!

What Valentine engagement idea are we missing out here? Please use the comment box to let us know what you think.


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