What Is A Micro Wedding? Check Out The 9 Ideas on  How To Plan It


What Is A Micro Wedding? Check Out The 9 Ideas on  How To Plan It

Let’s help you if you don’t want to spend much on planning for your wedding. Or you are the type that doesn’t like the crowd. We are here with you!

There are groups of people that love to entertain and another group of people that love not to make their celebration loud, especially in the time of preparing for their wedding they choose to keep it on a low, we are here for those people that don’t like the crowd and guess what? You can make your day great even without much of a crowd.

But first, what are we talking about? Of course, “micro wedding.” This blog will explain everything you need to know about micro weddings and how to plan them.

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What Is A Micro Wedding?

What Is A Micro Wedding?
What Is A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a well-planned and organized wedding with 30-50 persons, your friends and family. A micro wedding differs from an elopement wedding as people must be around.

However, while most people might think that most couples go for micro weddings because of money, it is worth knowing that even the rich opt for it. After all, they want to get married to their spouses. And again, with the beauty of micro wedding, many people are going into it because the good planner did a good job.

With a good planner, your micro wedding is superb, and if you are looking for tips on how to plan your micro wedding, keep reading!

Tips to Planning A Micro Wedding

To the sweetest couples, never allow anything to come your way while planning for your wedding. You might experience some challenges, which can be friends giving excuses; here are the tips and elements to planning a micro wedding.

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1. Limit the invitee list

the total number of a normal wedding is 150-200,  you can limit the number to 50, which has to be just your friends and family, which comprises your grandparents, parents and siblings.

2. Pay Attention To Every Guest

Since you have just a few guests, you should have the time to meet with every one of them, and you must make them feel comfortable. And make sure as the selected 50, and their day is well spent and fun.

3. Include More Guests With A Reception Party

While you might want your friends not to miss the party, you can keep the wedding for your family and invite your friends to receptions.

4. Splurge And Save On The Budget

No more trying to spend on just your guest and not getting your dream wedding dress. Planning a micro wedding will only make you get things that matter most to you, such as the best wedding dress and shoes, without thinking about spending much on the guests.

5. Keep The Celebration Meter High

While it is a micro wedding, it is meant to be more lively and fun. You can call a live band and get music to play. You can also join hands with your partner in a local church while you return and have a summer wedding celebration with a little space decorated with chairs, fine flowers and stunning lights.

6. Include More Guests With Live Streaming

You can go live on your wedding day for those who want to witness that special day. This makes it possible for everyone to be there virtually on your wedding day.

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How To Plan A Micro Wedding

Here are ways and ideas to plan a micro wedding.

1. Shortlisting The Guests

You can make a list of people you want on your wedding day. This is important as it will let you know the people you want to have at your wedding, and also, there is the possibility of cutting down the list if they are more than what you expect.

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2. Plan The Budget

Planning your budget is crucial at this stage; it will help you know your cost and what you will have to spend your money on. And with a limited number of people, you can make your choice

3. Pick A Venue

This should come on time. Although it might be easy to find a venue which can be anywhere, like a little garden, backyard, park, barn, and so many other places, it is important to make the venue available on time.

4. Get Help From The expert

Looking out for a charming wedding? You can’t do it on your own. Some experts are good at making your day memorable. So, you must hire a wedding planner to make arrangements and ensure things go as planned.

5. Set The Priorities

Prioritize your needs in advance. Utilize our pen and paper to jot down the essential items. Align these with your budget and make mutually beneficial decisions as a couple.

6. Choose Your Attire

The attire is what brings out the beauty of the wedding. You can go now with your best gown and put up a dress code for your guests, as the number is limited.

7. Pick A Photographer

This is the best part of the wedding. Your special moment matters a lot to me. Now look for the best photographer! Make sure you tell the photographer how you want your pictures to look. Make sure he gives you a nice shot.

8. Prepare Your Vows

This is where you tell your partner how much you love him or her and how you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Your wedding vow has a lot of messages to pass, so you must plan well to give your spouse that chance to shed tears of joy for having you come into his or her life.

9. Personalize The Event

you can make your day memorable for your guests by planning to give customized invitation cards, customised gifts and also a note of appreciation written by you.


You are set for your micro wedding once you implement these tips and ways you can plan it. Make sure you don’t miss out on a photographer as they are the ones that can make your day more superb, and also don’t hesitate to invite people that matter to you. You can stream it live if you want, but it is not compulsory

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