What is Intelligence-Determinants for Intelligence


What is Intelligence-Determinants for Intelligence

Military science provokes the use of information gathered about an enemy or area as “Intelligence”.

With it being grouped into levels the tactical and strategic intelligence.

Tactical intelligence- is intended to basically respond to the demands of the field commanders so they can devise schematics if needed, execute operations.

Strategic intelligence- is the key pointer that’s required to contrive policy and military plans at both international and national levels.

Whether tactical or strategic the idea remains in the ability to respond to the given information, react and attempt to satisfy needs.

In total all but the simplest human behaviour is attributed to intelligence, while even the most complex insect behaviours are never a dictation of intelligence, why is this so?

The instinctual behaviours differ from empirical intelligence of any sort. Take the digger wasp as a case study, when a female wasp arrives on her burrow with food, it becomes an incentive to survey the coast for all potential intruders and if proven so that the coast is clear she forges ahead with her food, note; this action can be done repeatedly so far sudden movements are being initiated above her threshold, this stirs her to probe her environment once more making such advanced behaviours, more of survival instincts, a natural ability to adapt, than a show of intelligence, this brings us to question.

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What is intelligence?

Intelligence is the mental quality that consists of the ability to learn experience, adapt to new situations, understand and handle abstract concepts, and use knowledge to manipulate one’s environment.

For a rather elaborate period of time, opposable notions were developing among investigators with it all leading to questioning what exactly determines intelligence. In the 19th century, a couple of American psychologists Terman and Thorndike expressed non-cooperative definitive to what they understood classified intelligence.

Terman stressed the ability to ponder abstractly while Thorndike proposed learning and the ability to give a good response.

Human intelligence isn’t based on the grounds of a singular factor, but the combination of several diverse abilities has granted a grip on a decided qualification for human speculative.

Research carried focused primarily on; learning, reasoning, use of language, perception, and problem-solving as determinants for Intelligence.

Determinants for Intelligence


Forms of learning are diverse as applied to artificial intelligence. The easiest remains to learn by trial and error.

Learning by trial and error is a systematic format where executed task and the manner through which it is carried out is being stored for future purposes, take for example a plain machine program tasked to solve a mate in one chess problem, would probably try moves randomly in no unique format until the mate is found. This program then stores the solution with the position so when next it encounters such difficulty in the sameness of the previous format it would recall the solution.

Furthermore, this unsophisticated method of memorizing is known as rote learning. This in summary involves applying past experience to parallel new situations.


Drawing inferences appropriate to the situation becomes the act of reasoning.

The term “Inferences” can be divided into deductive and inductive. With one being most appropriately applied where the other isn’t. An example of the former is

“Anselma must be in the church or club. He is not in the church; therefore he is at the club”.

While the latter;

” prior to this event, the cause of such massive failure was lack of preparation, so therefore the cause of this much failure must be lack of preparation”.

Both Forms of reasoning differs and the significant difference that exists between these forms is that in the deductive case the truth of the assumption guarantees the truth of the conclusion, while in the Inductive case the truth of the assumption gives support to the conclusion without giving an objective assurance.

Inductive reasoning mostly takes place in science, where data are obtained, gathered, and makeshift models are developed to structure and predict an upcoming event.

Deductive reasoning is common in mathematics and all fields that promote logic, this is where complex structures of indisputable theorems are built up from- minute sets of basic principles.


These are processes involved in finding a solution to a problem. Many animals ordinarily solve problems of locomotion, food-finding, and shelter through trial and error. Higher animals the likes of primates have exhibited more complex problem-solving abilities, including discrimination of abstruse stimuli(unfamiliar environment), rule learning and application of language or language like operations.

Humans apply both trials by error and insight base on an understanding of principles, inductive and deductive reasoning and creative thinking to accomplish a task.

This factor however varies depending on the individual and the outcome determines the height of his/her intelligence.

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In perception, the surrounding environment is scanned by means of various sensory organs, owning to meticulous attention to details, real and artificial are easily pointed out, each present scene is being separated into different objects in various spatial relationships.

The analysis is intricate by fact that an object may appear different depending on the angle from which it is seen, the Intensity and direction of light, and how much contrast is present between the object and the surrounding field.


A language is a system of signs and symbols only connoting something by means of understanding. Language on a broad scale isn’t confined to only the spoken word. Traffic signs also fall under such a category. A stop sign, it is a matter of convention stresses the need to halt.

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