Why I stepped down as AAC president- Sowore explains


Why I stepped down as AAC president- Sowore explains

A presidential applicant of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has stepped down from his position as the public president of the party.

Why I stepped down as AAC president- Sowore explains,Sowore who stepped down on Thursday at the presidential primary of the party said that the Constitution of the party doesn’t allow him to be the president while querying for its presidential ticket.

Having stepped down as the public president, he presented himself as the applicant and the delegates suggested him in by crying aye!

Why I stepped down as AAC president- Sowore explains, He said he’d what it takes to lead the country to a better place having led ground-shaking demurrers and other events in Nigeria.

According to him, through the Revolution Now and the Endsars kick which he claimed to have started, he has been suitable to rattle the government.

Why I stepped down as AAC president- Sowore explains, He said, “ I don’t want to be like other politicians, so, I’ll step down.
“ Other parties tagged stealers as their reimbursed their campaigners, ours is different. We’re youthful people who are digital- acquainted.

“We have the mind and the dexterity to move around. ”
Reports have it that a Court of Appeal in Abuja had June 2, 2022, affirmed Sowore as the National Chairman of the African Action Congress.

The court held that a 2019 judgment by the High Court which sacked Sowore as the party’s president was out of the court’s governance, adding that it was an internal affair.

In 2019, the High Court, in the judgment that was delivered by Justice Iyang Ekwo, said it was satisfied that Sowore who was the presidential flag– the deliverer of the AAC, was validly suspended by the National Executive Committee of the party.

Sowore, in an appeal pronounced CA/ A/812/2019, challenged the High Court’s judgment declaring an expelled General Secretary of the party, Leonard Nzenwa, as the acting Chairman.

This makes the presidential aspirant for the AAC disappointed following the information of not being able to participate in the primary election.


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