Why we Handcuffed the reporter-Illegal policemen explains


A group of policemen on unlawful assignment at Berger Bus-Stop along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway assaulted a news reporter, Matthew Agbaje.

Matthew, was cuffed to a commercial bus as he was punched and slapped for struggling to expose the evil acts of the illegal cops.

The news reporter had observed how a bus driver was maltreated by the group of policemen after the driver disagreed to the offence counted against him over his vehicle.

A member of the policemen, who saw the reporter filming the incident with his phone, he then lured him into a bus which they the team was using for the illegal operation.

“They all yelled at me (the reporter) together and questioned me for using my mobile phone at the scene. The policemen cuffed my left hand to the commercial bus and started hitting me on the face and in my eye. They punched harder after I revealed myself as a reporter.

“Afterward, I was asked to unlock my mobile phone. After discovering the clip of where they were attacking the bus driver earlier, they punched me more and said I wanted to put a halt to their career.
‘Let us release him, we have dealt with him and the video on his phone and dealt with him.’ “One of the police officers said,

However, when asked what division the policemen were attached to, “I grew up here in Isheri and I am very sure the police officers are not from Isheri division. We usually compensate those police men, so they don’t bother to disturb us.

“We go to understand that the cops that bother commercial drivers here are from Oshodi and some from around Pen Cinema. Whenever they arrest the commercial drivers, they drive their buses away and the drivers start looking around police stations to confirm where their buses are kept.”

There was no sign of the cops while our reporters looked into situation at the motor park for some hours.


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