WordPress Vs Blogger – Find Out The Difference Between Them


WordPress Vs Blogger

Blogging has become a popular trend, with many individuals relying solely on the Internet to earn a living. If you’re considering starting a blog and are unsure whether to choose Blogger or WordPress, this article is here to help.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Find Out The Difference Between Them

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS written in PHP that is both free and open-source. Initially designed for blog publishing, it has since expanded its capabilities to accommodate publishing various types of web content. It utilizes a MySQL database for storing data.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a content management system (CMS) established in 1999 and based in the United States. It allows individuals to create blogs with entries that are time-stamped. Blogger is a free service that provides blog hosting.

It is renowned for its straightforwardness and user-friendly interface, making it particularly favoured by newcomers to blogging.

Each of them possesses distinct qualities, but they also have specific traits you can choose to adopt or disregard. To present their attributes, I will list them in a tabular format.

Blogger, a blogging platform owned by Google, is a cost-free and user-friendly platform with restricted customization possibilities.WordPress is a highly robust and adaptable platform that gives users more flexibility and control.

It offers various customization options and an extensive collection of plugins and themes to cater to various needs.

Incorporates popular Google services such as Google Domains, Google Photos, Google Affiliate Network, and Google Adwords into your WordPress website.A range of publishing tools, including media management and the ability to schedule posts.
Google offers robust security measures, dependable performance, and regular updates.A wide range of plugins are available.
An SSL certificate is provided at no cost.A wide selection of both free and paid themes.
Effortless and user-friendly content management system (CMS).The system can accommodate a wide range of languages, supporting up to 70.
There are numerous choices available in terms of starter template options.A well-established community.


Blogger is known for its user-friendly interface and quick setup process. Within minutes, you can run your Blogger site after logging in with your Google account.

You will be provided with a handy guide to assist you in setting up your Blogger site efficiently.

Before installing WordPress, the user must acquire a web hosting plan and a domain name, which requires a separate purchase.
Blogger is a platform hosted on Google’s servers. Bloggers do not have full control over their blogs. The functionality of Blogger is restricted and limited.Users can oversee and maintain a blog hosted on WordPress with a hosting plan. This grants them complete control over their blog, including editing and deleting content.

Bloggers can also effortlessly enhance their site’s performance and optimize it as needed.

Blogger offers a visual editor and HTML snippets for blog customization but with limited options.

There are 12 free official themes available, mostly for personal blogs, and advanced customization requires HTML and CSS knowledge.

Installing third-party themes requires manual effort.

WordPress offers extensive customization options with over 10,000 themes catering to various website types. Installing themes is straightforward, and there is a built-in CSS editor for further modifications.
Blogger offers limited marketing tools, but users can utilize Blogger Stats and Google Analytics to track website traffic and gain insights into performance. pppppWordPress is a highly effective platform for implementing complex digital marketing strategies and employing WordPress SEO techniques.

The WordPress core offers a range of built-in SEO features such as permalinks, redirects, and meta descriptions.

Blogger allows users to monetize their blogs with Google AdSense, displaying relevant ads to visitors by creating an AdSense account and making ad spaces available.WordPress provides numerous opportunities for generating revenue through your blog.

These include incorporating paid advertisements, publishing sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and offering memberships.

Blogger, hosted by Google, ensures strong security measures for websites.WordPress offers more control but comes with security risks due to poor-quality third-party plugins and themes.
Blogger has a comprehensive documentation library and a community forum for users to find answers to their questions.WordPress doesn’t have customer support, but the active community and support forum provides assistance and a platform to share tips and ask questions.
Blogger is a comprehensive and cost-free platform designed for blogging purposes.WordPress software itself is available for free. You must acquire additional components before you can begin hosting your blog.
Uses LabelsUses Categories


Simply comparing these two without mentioning their advantages and disadvantages would not suffice.



  1. You can effortlessly and rapidly start a blog by utilizing just a Google account.
  2. It’s completely free to use.


  1. The features it offers are limited and lack advanced capabilities.
  2. Restrictions on managing your blog are imposed.



  1. Extensive possibilities for customization
  2. Scalability


  1. Necessitates an initial financial commitment
  2. Security vulnerabilities


Both blogging platforms aim to deliver information to their audiences and fulfil that purpose. It is generally recommended for beginners to begin with Blogger. Nevertheless, WordPress is a highly regarded open-source blogging platform that 43% of websites utilise.

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