Zoom Alternatives -3 Zoom Meeting Application Alternatives


Zoom Alternatives -Zoom Meeting Application Alternatives

A stretch of one imaginative demands can only land on the estimated admirations of video calls and conferencing, that was so, till the emergence of the novel virus which brought requiems as well as the imaginative estimate to actuality.

The popularity of video calls- both communal amongst businesses and personal reasons- as of present is recognized on all terrestrial grounds, this development was made on grounds of the static movement installed by the safety precautions which, for the sake of arresting the horrid Covid circumstances, was enforced.

The need to communicate among friends and family became a necessity and as such an innumerable populace inclined on technology using various means aloft a simple call or text messaging to communicate, bringing further into relevance the Zoom application.

No doubt zoom possesses a number of awe sticking and interesting features one that can’t be denied, but the patronage towards the app has ceaselessly been recording declines and as such it might be experiencing extinction.

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Why so?

The zoom-free platform covers only a few minutes of conveyance. It only tenders permit for the use of 40 minutes before it automatically elapses all connections. This definitely would deliver reasons for criticisms and a lookdown as it would either lead to a drastic inadvertent run on all topics of the meeting which would provide the end of the day no achieved purpose or tamper with the initial topic of the meeting by hindering important conversations. Issues concerning security and privacy have started scratching the surface of concern as any third party can easily join meetings without an invite (Zoom bombing) thus invading private space and putting whatever business meeting under the cloak of privacy at risk of publicity.

The weight of disadvantage falls greatly on meetings with voluminous capacity seeing from recent experience that the video quality from the free version is all classified as poor. The chances of experiencing screen freeze and consequent time-lags are aversively present, and increasing series of time wastage for most of all meetings engaged via zoom.

However, such shouldn’t breed antagonism towards conferencing and calls via video. They exist, in large quantity alternatives and variables at arms reach. Best of all, most alternatives offer liberal use of built-in services to suffice demands.

To avert further ploughing and uncalled internet surfing and surveys, below is a list containing 3 Alternative apps for video calling and conferencing.

List of 3 zoom Alternative apps for video calling and conferencing


Ring central video comes with a high-quality video and carrier-grade security such as a standard. It comes as a premium one not purchased but free.

Main features.

-it allows video conferences with a round figure of 100 participants.

– meetings persist for 24 hours.

-it includes 10 hours of storage for recorded meetings, which can be saved up to weeks for downloading and sharing across every device.

– with an upgrade, hosting can be done for 200 attendees. It also allows the storage of over 100 hours of recorded conferences.

With the app there is the availability of;

HQ-QUALITY voice, video, and screen sharing.

Task management.

Easy operation.

Team messaging.

Email and calendar integration.

External guest access to team.

File Sharing, storage, and annotation.

Microsoft team.


this video conferencing platform has alighted from anonymity and offers an expandable solution to video call jittery and mishap. It scales up the available number of participants for meetings.

The most affordable plan permits for the engagement of over 150 attendants with a meeting time that expands ceaselessly. The tier aloft encompasses a crowd of 250 participants with 3,000 for the premium option.

Main features.

-It’s very simple to set up. It is handy for collaboration with co-hosting capabilities and an interactive whiteboard as well as screen sharing.

-the cheapest tier offers free dial-in functions, while other priced tires enable unlimited cloud recording with transcript, drawing tools, and a smart assistant.

-it includes live-in meeting notes that can be shared.

-it’s available for MAC, PC, Andriod, and ios services.

-they are plugins for Microsoft 365 google calendar.

The downside to this platform is the falter in audio quality and it uses more bandwidth.

It has no webinar functionality except one is added through a sister product, gotowebinar.


Webex is one of the most inclusive platforms that enable a party containing 100 participants to convey online for a period of 50minutes at maximum.

The cheapest paid-for plane tenders the meeting length with an uninterrupted 24 hours of connection time, however, a couple of tiers of more would have to be paid for before participants allowed would expand to 200 in number.

The premium plan accredits the usage for 100,000 participants and unlimited hosts.

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Main features

-all paid for plans houses transcriptions, file transfers. Chat, and pulling features.

-live customers support is obtained with all but the free version.

-it is advantageous for joint labor and it possesses a free tier offering for screen sharing with the addition of an interactive whiteboard and messaging feature. Howbeit, there’s more for a heightened experience once an upgrade has been made dial-in access, recording capabilities and international call-ins become available.

-Webex is hulked up on security with firewall compatibility, SSO, and a secure scheduling option.

-it has a movie app for all cellular denominations integrated with google drive, Microsoft 356, and sales force.

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