5 life lessons every man can learn; No.1 is essential.


5 life lessons every man can learn from Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard’s Defamation trial; No.1 is essential.

The defamation trial of the two colossal Celebrities has staggered to a stopping point. With Johnny Depp, the victor, standing tall, taking all and walking away with compensation of 15million dollars and a pat on the back by netizens. 5 life lessons every man can learn

While amber heard, on the other hand: a minimal desirable amount of dignity, self-worth,  a handful of social media clout, and a bunch of Young ladies maiming themselves in solidarity with her— an elaborate form of idol worship. not necessarily by a long shot.

With a record amount of Explosive encounters, affirmations of backlashes, media display of Appaling bespoke and threads. the 6week-running trial became a family show for all, with its thrills and unsettling revelations it didn’t fail to graze the surface of reality with major significant life lessons; 5 life lessons every man can learn; No.1 is essential. 5 of which will be discussed.

1. Lie Professionally.

Hubris was Profitable enough to shine upon Amber heard. her biggest flaw stemmed from the incoherence of her testimony.

From miles away and/or beyond. every functioning cognition under a yellow sun could easily detect how erratic her story was. To make matters worst, she didn’t fail to falsify emotions of anger, grief, and sadness as a resort to sell her story.

It’s not rocket science, but when telling a perfectly articulated lie(if your brain sees it as such) you should not give out emotions spontaneously.

Sudden face changes; display of freight, assertions, and abrupt pauses. Would easily sell you out as a liar.

What you’d need to do when telling a lie or at most backing up your lies under any given condition is to avoid abrupt face changes, display of assertions,  keep a straight face and most importantly get your story together beforehand.

P.s: keep calm.

2. Integrity is all about keeping to your word.

When lying, lie professionally. When telling the truth do it to a fault. When being blunt, be blunt. Whatever you do, do it till your last breath—even if you’re buried alive.

Johnny Depp told Amber heard before the defamation trial was plunged into full swing that she would never see his eyes.

And his eyes she never saw. Even upon close encounter.

The consistency, absence of fatigue, and relentless impingement of his words in a state of consciousness upon his already broken down essence in the grand scheme of things didn’t only embolden him in the eyes of the jury, and the lot of those watching.

It also gave Camille Vazquez, his lawyer, a time capsule which she pegged Amber heard with and further revealed how incoherent and disorganized her lies were.

The point of this just adds more wind to the wings of disposition regarding how much your words and actions spiral around to either vindicate you or castrate you.

3. The universe would never align for you.

An honest reality check would bring to your notice that you wield a three-pound brain, a detestable skin color, a miniature intelligence quotient compared to your predecessors, and a list of achievements that’d easily be expunged by the coming generation. The universe would never align for you all because you are “you”, that’s not enough to proffer ripple changes.

It only bends its will to the bold and daring.

The ones willing to put their foot down and say enough is enough.

Be it as a protest against bad governance, poor movie displays, or abusive wives.

Johnny Depp would have never arisen machinery to fight for his cause and/or fly his name in solidarity if he just sat there without suing for his life back.

He was bold enough to stand up against the narrative and commonly perceived notions of men being the only abusers. And just like that, the universe bent its will in favor of him.

4. Keeping Calm speaks volumes.

Your ability to control your emotions in a turbulent situation would speak volumes about you. One of the many factor Missing in both the plaintiff and defendant.

The defamation trial only became plausible and actualized following the incessant outburst of Johnny Depp at every slight provocation— the foothold for Amber heard’s divorce trial, and progenitor of Johnny Depp’s initial downfall.

5. Have a Good legal.

Make friends with a puissant legal team. Not the ones by mouth alone but by book as well. It would have a lasting effect.

IGBAJI U.C.https://igbajiugabi.com
Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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