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This site is Example.NG, managed by Freemanbiz Communication.

Example.NG is a blog that concerns itself with the general topics on Example of anything in existence which could be a living or non-living thing.

Example.NG apart from Example keywords also focuses on examples of anything there is; ranging from people, places and things.

To this effect, we tend to address topics on:

How to

This section addresses or provides needed information/guide on a subject matter towards solving a problem within and around us. An example:

  1. How To Bake A Cake; Step by step guide to cake baking and 16 requirements you must know
  2. Blogging; How to start Blogging
  3. Resume Writing -How To Write A Convincing Resumé
  4. Website Traffic -How to get traffic to your website for free
  5. How to Organize Reference in Alphabetical Order

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List of

This is the section of the site that makes a comprehensive list of any and every topic under discussion:

These posts include:

  1. List Of Basic Tools Vehicle Owners Should Have
  2. List of 7 Controllable variables in a Marketing Environment
  3. Christmas Sales -6 List of item categories to Import. Don’t miss this season to make money
  4. List of Essential items to buy during Lockdown
  5. Skills to master -Top online skills you should learn in 2021

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Why is?

This is the category that provides answers to the WHY question. The posts in this category include:

  1. Why is Tissue paper important?
  2. Breastfeeding -Why breastmilk for 6months (exclusive)?
  3. Why is my Eye Twitchy? Meaning, 2 causes and remedy
  4. Why is My Virginal Discharge Brown? 5 virginal infections you should know
  5. Why is my Urine red? 3 urine colours you need to know

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Who is?

This category provides an answer to WHO IS questions and they are:

  1. WHO IS A LEADER? 11 qualities of a leader
  2. Hoodlum -Who is a Hoodlum?

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Where is?

What is?

Other categories include:






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