AutoCAD: Accelerate Your Drawing With These Keyboard Command Shortcuts


AutoCAD: Accelerate Your Drawing With These Keyboard Command Shortcuts

Handling the AutoCAD drawing interface with only the mouse effect can be time-consuming and boring. Imagine having to go through all the clicking processes to save a job when there’s clearly a Ctrl + S to the rescue. This article will provide a comprehensive list of all the keyboard shortcuts required for AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is a commercial software used for computer-aided design (CAD). Initially launched in 1982 as a desktop microcomputer application with built-in graphics controllers. It can create and modify geometric models with almost limitless potential to develop various structures and objects.

AutoCAD is an efficient tool for designing and editing digital images and designs in both 2D and 3D. It is widely considered the standard software in various design-related industries, including architecture, engineering, product design, manufacturing, construction, and more.

List Of AutoCAD Commands Shortcuts:

General Drafting Shortcuts

Ctrl+ECycle isometric planes
Ctrl+HToggle Pick Style
Ctrl+Shift+HToggle Hide pallets
Ctrl+IToggle Coords
Ctrl+Shift+IToggle Infer Constraints
Ctrl + DToggle coordinate display
Ctrl + GToggle grid
Ctrl + FToggle running object snaps
ERemove objects from a drawing
xBreaks down a compound object
DCreate and modifies dimension styles.
JJoin similar objects to form one object.
GCreate saved sets of objects.
QSaves current drawing
ESCCancel current command

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Screen Management Shortcuts 

Ctrl + 7Open markup set manager palette
Ctrl + 8Open quick calc
Ctrl + 1Open property palette
Ctrl + 3Open tool palette
Ctrl + 9Open command-line
Ctrl + 6Open DBConnect Manager
Ctrl + 4Open sheet set palette
Ctrl +2Design centre palette
Ctrl + 0Clean screen

Manage Drawing Shortcuts

Ctrl + SSave drawing
Ctrl + PPlot dialog box
ADraw an arc with three points
BOpen block dialogue box to make a block
BODraw a boundary
IInsert a block into a drawing.
CDraw a circle
ELDraw an ellipse
PLDraw a polyline
RECDraw a rectangle
OOffset an object by the distance
DTSingle line text
RAYConstruction line in one direction
DODraw a solid donut shape
FDraw an arc between two intersecting lines
MLDraw multi lines
POLDraw a polygon
LDraw a line
Open drawing
Ctrl+Page Up Switch to previous tab in
Ctrl+Page Down Switch to next tab in current drawing
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Switch to previous drawing
current drawing
Ctrl+Tab Switch to next
Ctrl+N New Drawing
Ctrl+Shift+S Save drawing as
Ctrl+Q Exit

Toggle Drawing Shortcuts

F1Display help
F2Toggle text screen
F3Toggle object snap mode
F4Toggle 3DOsnap
F5Toggle isoplane
F6Toggle dynamic UCS
F7Toggle grid mode
F8Toggle ortho mode
F9Toggle snap mode
F10Toggle polar mode
F11Toggle object snap tracking
F12Toggle dynamic input mode

Manage Workflow Shortcut

Ctrl+ASelect all objects
Ctrl+XCut object
Ctrl+CCopy object
Ctrl+YRedo last action
Ctrl+XCut object
Ctrl+KInsert hyperlink
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy to clipboard with base point
ESCCancel current command
Ctrl+ZUndo last action
Ctrl+[Cancel current command (or ctrl+\)
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste data as block

3-Dimensional Shortcuts 

UCDisplay UCS manager dialogue box
BoxDraw a cube
UCSUCS command-line options
VPORTSOpen viewport dialogue box
SLSlice a solid
CylinderDraw a cylinder
INIntersect an object
WEDraw a wedge
RROpen render dialogue box
REVRevolve an object about an axis
EXTExtrude a face
3DCommand line 3D solid potions
TORDraw torus shape
SE SectionDraw torus shape
SUSubtract selection from solid

Formatting Shortcuts 

LTOpen line type manager
LAOpen layer manager
TPDisplay tool palette
TSOpen table style dialogue box
LWOpen line weight settings dialogue box
MAMatch properties of an object
LTSChange the line type scale
SSMOpen sheet set manager palette
BEOpen the edit block definition dialogue box
STOpen text style dialogue box
APOpen application load dialogue box
OPLaunch options dialogue box
DOpen dimension style manager dialogue box
DCOpen the design centre
BHOpen hatch and the gradient dialogue box


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