10 Best Universities In Nigeria To Study Nursing.


10 Best Universities In Nigeria To Study Nursing.

Nursing involves providing independent and cooperative healthcare to people of different ages, families, groups, and communities in various environments, whether healthy or sick. This profession also entails promoting good health, preventing sickness, and providing medical attention to those who are sick, disabled, or nearing the end of their lives.

The duties of a registered nurse include educating patients and their families on treatment and care plans, as well as addressing their inquiries. Additionally, they supervise licensed practical and vocational nurses, nursing assistants, and nursing students.

Nurses are integral to medical facilities and have numerous career prospects. Their primary responsibility is to advocate for and provide care to individuals, supporting them through health and illness.

Nursing is a delicate profession that involves people’s lives and demands a strong educational foundation from credible institutions. However, attending a reputable school alone does not guarantee a license; one must possess the necessary competence and skills.

This article recommends ten Nigerian universities renowned for their exceptional nursing education.

1. University Of Lagos

ASUU Resumption: UNILAG Commences Lectures on October 24 – University of  Lagos
Best Universities To Study Nursing.

UNILAG, founded in 1962, did not include a nursing department until 2009. On August 5th, 2009, the College’s Academic Board received a letter granting permission to introduce nursing in UNILAG.

However, the program was initially to be established as a unit in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences’ Department of Medicine, as approved by the Senate, until it gained departmental status.

The nursing department commenced with eight students admitted during the 2009/2010 academic session, which marked the beginning of the nursing department in UNILAG.

At present, UNILAG boasts of having the top nursing department in Nigeria. The institution has effectively established a conducive environment where students who aspire to be professional nurses can receive comprehensive training that meets international standards.

The University’s College of Medicine offers a comprehensive nursing curriculum emphasising theoretical knowledge and practical skills. With access to modern laboratories, state-of-the-art simulation centres, and experienced expert faculty members, students are well-equipped to excel in their nursing careers.

2. University Of Ilorin

UNILORIN Admission List 2022 | Local & International Students
Best Universities To Study Nursing

According to UPeople, UNILORIN is ranked as the second-best university in Nigeria. It was founded in 1975 in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, and is surprisingly one of the country’s most competitive and crowded institutions.

The university strongly emphasises producing highly skilled nursing professionals, with admission to the nursing department being highly competitive and restricted only to students who meet the university’s admission criteria.

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UNILORIN is committed to training competent healthcare professionals, and its Faculty of Nursing Sciences provides a comprehensive nursing curriculum that prioritizes clinical skills, critical thinking, and evidence-based practice.

The faculty members are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields, ensuring students receive top-quality education and guidance.

3. University Of Nigeria.

List of Courses Offered by University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)
Best Universities To Study Nursing.

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) is a highly esteemed academic institution in Nigeria, established in 1960 at Nsukka, Enugu state, as the country’s first and only indigenous university.

UNN is recognized as one of the top universities in Nigeria for nursing education. Nursing students at UNN are well-regarded and sought after by employers due to the university’s reputation as the country’s most recognized and official institution.

The UNN Department of Nursing is driven by the belief that primary health care is the foundation for providing care in the helping relationship.

The Department of Nursing Sciences at UNN provides a comprehensive nursing program that equips students to handle various challenges in the field. The university has partnered with numerous healthcare institutions to provide students with practical, hands-on experience during their training.

4. University Of Port Harcourt

Best Universities To Study Nursing.

UNIPORT, located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, was established in 1975 and has consistently been one of Nigeria’s most popular tertiary institutions, with thousands of students applying for admission every year.

The nursing department at UNIPORT is highly competitive, with many students vying for a spot. However, admission into the program is not overly difficult as long as students meet the university’s nursing admissions criteria.

UNIPORT is a highly respected institution that offers a comprehensive nursing program. The Department of Nursing at UNIPORT focuses on producing skilled and compassionate nurses who can make meaningful contributions to the healthcare sector.

The university’s nursing faculty comprises experienced professionals who provide students with valuable mentorship and guidance.

5. University Of Ibadan

UI begins special window to admit POST-UTME candidates for Open Distance  Learning - Vanguard News
Best Universities To Study Nursing.

The University of Ibadan (UI) is renowned for its nursing program and is considered the best in Nigeria. Established in 1948 by colonial masters, UI has been at the forefront of fostering education in Nigeria. Nursing at UI is highly competitive due to the university’s reputation for excellence in nursing education.

The program covers topics such as basic human needs, nursing processes, and health promotion, and students acquire skills related to disease prevention, surgical asepsis, wound care, and physical well-being. Upon completing the program, students receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSc Nursing).

Located in Oyo State, the College of Medicine at UI offers a comprehensive nursing program recognized for its academic rigour and high standards. The university boasts state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and a stimulating academic atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for aspiring nurses.

6. Ahmadu Bello University

ABU Matriculation Ceremony for New Students
Best Universities To Study Nursing.

The Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing, located in Zaria town, Kaduna State, is recognized as one of the top nursing schools in Nigeria. One of the requirements for admission into the school is that candidates must be between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six years old.

Additionally, applicants must pass an entrance test and interview before being granted admission.

Like other nursing schools in the country, the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing offers a three-year nursing program. The school has modern laboratory facilities that facilitate practicals required by the curriculum and a well-equipped library accessible to students.

The university is a prominent institution in Northern Nigeria, offering a structured nursing program that combines theoretical knowledge with practical training. The faculty members are experienced and dedicated to providing students with quality education, enabling them to excel in their nursing careers.

7. Obafemi Awolowo University

OAU holds 45th convocation, 60 years celebration – The Sun Nigeria
Best Universities To Study Nursing.

OAU, which stands for Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, was founded in 1961 to improve the educational standards in Nigeria. The university is renowned for its outstanding nursing department, which is highly regarded in Nigeria.

Graduates of OAU are often considered more proficient than those from other institutions in the job market. However, gaining admission into the university is very competitive, as students must meet the departmental cut off marks and admission requirements.

The Faculty of Nursing Sciences at OAU was established to give students a deep understanding of healthcare-related subjects. The university is widely recognized for its commitment to academic excellence and offers a comprehensive nursing program that aims to produce competent and compassionate nurses.

Students can access state-of-the-art resources, clinical placements in top healthcare institutions, and a supportive learning environment.

8. Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

Best Universities To Study Nursing.

UNIZIK is considered to be a highly esteemed Nigerian university due to its namesake, the renowned nationalist Late Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, and was founded in 1991 in Awka, Anambra state. The Department of Nursing at UNIZIK is within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

It aims to provide a five-year undergraduate program that emphasizes nursing philosophies, health necessities, nursing procedures and the prevention of diseases. Upon completing the program, graduates will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science (BNSc).

Compared to other state universities in Nigeria, UNIZIK appears to be the most well-equipped for nursing/nursing science, which is why it has earned a spot on this list. Before applying, it is recommended that you review the university’s admission criteria.

9. University Of Abuja:

Welcome to University of Abuja - Laravel
Best Universities To Study Nursing.

Recently, the School of Nursing at this university has become known for its high-quality nursing programs and is considered one of the best in Nigeria.

The school offers two basic programs each session: a three-year basic nursing program for candidates with O’ level certificates and an 18-month post-basic program for midwives who meet the qualifications. Applicants with O’ level certificates must also sit for JAMB to be considered for the nursing program at the university.

At the same time, those applying for the post-basic midwifery program must wait for approval from the management.

Once admitted, nursing students will receive affordable training in the School of Nursing, open to male and female students aged 18 and above. To qualify for the basic nursing program, aspirants must possess an O’ level certificate and be registered with the Midwifery Council (for post-basic nursing).

The School of Nursing provides students with a comfortable and conducive environment, including accommodations to support their studies. Graduates of the university’s School of Nursing are well-trained in the nursing profession and equipped to meet the basic healthcare needs of the population.

10. University Of Calabar

UNICAL SERVICOM bans indecent dressing among students, staff on campus -  Vanguard News
Best Universities To Study Nursing.

The School of Nursing at UNICAL has a range of well-equipped facilities for lectures, tutorials, and computer practicals. It also has science laboratories with libraries and stores and hostel accommodations that can accommodate most of the admitted students.

These accommodations include reading spaces, cafeterias, kitchenettes, common areas, laundry facilities, and sick bays.

Since 1979, the UNICAL School of Nursing has been providing training to some of the best nurses in Nigeria. In 2009, the school was nationally recognized for its excellence in nursing education. Both male and female students who meet the entrance examination requirements set by the University Teaching Hospital are admitted.

The UNICAL School of Nursing is dedicated to providing excellent nursing education. The Department of Nursing Science at the University of Calabar offers a rigorous nursing program that equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide high-quality patient care.

The university also has well-equipped simulation laboratories and collaborates with reputable healthcare institutions to provide students with valuable hands-on clinical experience.


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