Cooking Essentials – 8 Cooking Tools Every Home Chef Must Have


Cooking Essentials – 8 Cooking Tools Every Home Chef Must Have

Ensure your cook space includes all these essentials, including measuring cups, a chef’s knife, and more.

Start here if you’re just starting to stock your cupboard with kitchen essentials or if you don’t have everything you need. You can make the majority of recipes without filling up your kitchen by making sure you have the bare necessities on hand.

Additionally, if you have more than one junk drawer filled with kitchen tools, we’ll tell you what to throw away.

Cooking Tools

There are countless cooking tools available in the market, but here are some essential ones that every home cook should have in their kitchen:

1. Measuring Cups And Spoons

It is essential to keep measuring spoons and cups on hand because you cannot bake without them. In order for your recipes to turn out well, make sure you’re using all of them correctly. For example, never use dry measuring cups for liquid ingredients, and vice versa.

Toss the extras if you have them and are trying to declutter because you really only need one set of each.

2. Chef’s Knife

Choose this knife if you only have one in your kitchen. You can quickly switch from chopping vegetables to slicing meat thanks to the versatility of the wedge-shaped blade (second from the top, above).

Invest in a high-quality chef’s knife and treat it well by hand-washing, honing, and sharpening it frequently to get the most use out of it.

3. Skillet

You have the option of using cast iron or sticking with nonstick, but your kitchen needs a skillet desperately.

A skillet can be used to cook anything from breakfast to dinner (and even dessert), and most recipes call for one to brown meat, sauté vegetables, or fry food. If you decide to use cast iron, you can also bake with it.

4. Saucepan

You always reach for your saucepan when making pasta, soup, or any other dish that calls for boiling water (including steaming vegetables and hard-cooking eggs).

This versatile pan has a ton of uses and generally takes up less space on your shelf than other, larger pots, so it has earned its place there.

5. Mixing Bowls

Are mixing bowls capable of anything? Mixing bowls are used in almost every recipe you make, whether you’re preparing a batch of cookie dough or a quick side salad.

Since they’re so useful, it’s a good idea to keep a few in your pantry, especially since some recipes may call for mixing in several bowls (and it helps to have a variety of sizes).

6. Can Opener

You should never be caught without a can opener because almost every ingredient that comes in a can (such as tomatoes, beans, and soups) needs one.

Although there are some methods for opening cans without this necessary tool, they are frequently messy and sometimes even risky. Simply have one of these indispensable kitchen tools on hand rather than taking the chance of a mess or an unintended cut.

7. Cutting Board

Before slicing or chopping anything, make sure you have a good cutting board because they are essential for protecting your countertops. It makes sense to spend money on two things for the best food safety practices (one for raw meats and one for fruits and vegetables).

The two most popular types of cutting boards are made of wood and plastic. However, wood-cutting boards require a little more maintenance and can be more difficult to clean than plastic.

8. Sheet Pan

On a busy weeknight, sheet pans can literally save your life when you’re preparing dinner (not to mention baking cookies). It’s incredibly simple to fit the main course and a side dish into one pan because they’re so big.

You’ll use your sheet pan almost every night once you realize how convenient it is to roast some carrots and cook a batch of chicken breasts at the same time.


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