CPA Marketing – A Beginners Guide


CPA Marketing – A Beginners Guide

The term CPA Marketing is not common to a lot of people but most of us have participated in it without knowing. Have you ever seen a message with the title “Get a free iPhone” on your Whatsapp messenger or did a friend send something like “Get a Card”  and you clicked on it and you were directed to a page where you were asked to fill a form and at the end, you did not receive anything?

If you have encountered any of the following then that is CPA and this article would explain the mechanism behind it and how people earn with it.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action and it is a form of affiliate marketing where you can earn money once someone completes tasks such as filling a form, downloading a file or submitting your card details.

In affiliate marketing, a sale has to be completed before you are paid and that is the advantage of CPA marketing over affiliate marketing as it is easier to earn with CPA marketing compared to affiliate marketing.

CPA marketing is generally divided into two groups namely:

Whitehat CPA: In whitehat CPA, once a user completes the task, then he/she would get the reward promised in the offer page for example if you were promised an iPhone on the offer page then you would indeed get an iPhone after you have filled the form.

BlackHat CPA: In Blackhat CPA, you may likely not get what you were promised on the offer page and the best way to identify a Blackhat offer is that the reward would be ambiguous for example, an offer page which promises to give you an iPhone 12 for filling a form is likely a blackhat offer because the price of iphone12 is very high.


There are a lot of CPA networks that one can sign up to and start promoting offers immediately but as a beginner or newbie, it is important to know the ones that would accept you because CPA networks like Maxbounty would not accept a newbie and we would write an article on the top ten (10) CPA networks for newbies.


There are generally two methods of promoting CPA offers and they are:

Free Method: In a free method, you are not using money to promote the offers and some of the free methods of promoting CPA offers are sharing your links on social media pages, forums, and groups.

Paid Method: Like the name implies, paid method involves the use of money to promote your offers and this involves the use of ad networks like google ads or native ads networks like mgid ads to promote your offers.

Paid method is the best way of promoting offers because you can track the stats and optimise also it is easier to get targeted traffic because most CPA offers are geo offers and this means that only those from the eligible countries can fill the offers.


There are several types of CPA offers and some of them include:

  • Email Submit: In this type, once the user submits his/her email address, then you would earn a commission. The commission can range from $0.1 dollars to as high as $10 dollars and above.
  • CC Submit: CC means credit Card and this offers to pay very well because once the user submits his/her credit card details then you would earn a commission. The commission can range from $10 dollars to $30 dollars.
  • Zip Submit: In this type, once you submit your Zip address, then you would earn a commission. These offers are mostly affiliated to first-tier countries like the U.S, UK, Canda amongst others.
  • Download: As the name implies, once you download a file, you would earn a commission and this is known as PPD(Pay Per Download). Cpa networks like Cpalead and adworkmedia are good examples of networks that one can earn a decent commission by promoting PPD offers.
  • Sign Up Offers: In this type of offers, you earn a commission once the user signs up on a platform you are promoting for. The commission can range from $0.5 dollars and above.

This post just summarized what CPA marketing is all about but from here you can have an idea of what CPA is all about so try to check out CPA networks for newbies and signup once you feel like.



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