Effect of fake butt – Bum Surgery Gone Wrong


Butt Surgery Gone Wrong: Which Way Forward?

 When last did you attend a typical Nigerian function? If you have in recent time, you will realize the competition among Ladies on who wears the most gorgeous outfit and has the curviest shape. Effect of fake butt – Bum Surgery Gone Wrong

 This trend doesn’t come without a price. Our ladies spend million on surgery just to get the desired killer shape. does it end there? No. This comes with a lot of discomforts, maintenance, and sacrifice. Effect of fake butt – Bum Surgery Gone Wrong

A liposuction is a major form of plastic surgery, which involves sucking fat from other parts of a woman’s body to fill her buttocks. Women who could afford it, established class distinction and even the wives of leaders and notable men of the society competed to get the best of the services, which were mainly offered abroad. Effect of fake butt – Bum Surgery Gone Wrong

Liposuction is a type of major surgery which requires sucking out the fat from other parts of the body to fill the buttocks and make them get bigger. Effect of fake butt – Bum Surgery Gone Wrong

 It was majorly done abroad till recently when Nigerian doctors started offering the services at a cheaper rate and that has made many Nigerian ladies and celebrities opt for it as it seems we live in a competitive world.

Effect of fake butt – Bum Surgery Gone Wrong, Besides the travel costs, which involved millions of naira, the surgery bill, itself, is whopping. In 2019 the bill for liposuction ranged between N2 million and N8 million.

However, from 2010, Nigerian ladies who needed enhancements in some parts of their body could go under the knife successfully in Nigeria, as local investors established centres as equipped and competently managed as those abroad. That alone opened doors for many of our Nigerian ladies as they troop in their numbers to get it done.

Yet, it could also cost between  N250,000 and N1.5 million, depending on the size and areas of fat transfer. Effect of fake butt – Bum Surgery Gone Wrong

Eventually, COVID’19 and the economic downturn that came with it flattened everybody. Those who had the money couldn’t travel and never trusted the safety of doing it in Nigeria. Those who could risk doing it in Nigeria to reduce cost were hampered by hard economic realities.“

Considering the cost and procedural pain, which involves local and general anaesthesia and, at least, two days of pain, Economy & Lifestyle discovered that some ladies now prefer wearing buttock enhancers, known in local parlance as an artificial bum, instead of undergoing cosmetic surgeries. Artificial butts come as skin-like pads which can be worn underneath any dress or trousers.

According to Miss Comfort Akpabio, an underwear seller, both single and married ladies, including those with bigger butts are buying and using butt enhancers which come in form of pants and tights.

She noted that the prices of butt enhancers range from N4, 000 to N10, 000 depending on the quality.

She said: “Single ladies and married women patronise me. I also meet many women buying different types of fake butts in wholesale. At first, I thought they were resellers like me, but on inquiry, I was made to know they are wives of the rich, who needed to change their fake butts like they change pants, depending on their outfits at a given time.

“Today, it has become as common as plastic surgery was in those days for the rich. I think the craze for it is not just the price which makes nonsense of surgery cost but also because it is easier to maintain than plastic surgery” she added

However, not every man appreciates the use of artificial butts by women. Akpabio explained that a friend of hers lost a potential suitor when the man realised that her shape was enhanced by fake butts.

According to Dorothy Akinyemi, a banker, the cost, procedure and side effects of Liposuction have also made women opt-out of it despite Nigerian hospitals’ reducing the prices to increase patronage. Effect of fake butt – Bum Surgery Gone Wrong

Those that have gone for the surgery need to keep going back for its maintenance which cost about N40,000 every six months. failure to do the maintenance leads to some serious health damages like rotten ass or weakness of the flesh.

Effect of fake butt – Bum Surgery Gone Wrong “Liposuction has side effects when it is done wrongly. Some buttocks can get rotten when infected.  That is why some women are going for artificial butts even though the price of surgery is being reduced to increase patronage. It is better we appreciate what God gave us and manage it that way,” she added.

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