Highest-Paying American Companies In Need Of Data Scientist- Top 7 American Companies That Needs And Pays Data Scientist Well


Highest-Paying American Companies In Need Of Data Scientist- Top 7 American Companies That Needs And Pays Data Scientist Well

The amount of data generated per second is enormous as internet usage increases globally.

You create data whenever you make an online purchase, complete a form, open an email, sign up for a free course, or engage in any other online activity and Organizations need data scientists to control the data storm that is expanding every day and make sense of it all for their advantage.

As a result, the economy has many open data science positions. Big Data makes consumer behaviour information available, identifies trends and patterns, and offers critical insights for better decision-making.

Finding these insights and trends by sifting through such a large body of data is a challenging undertaking which is where data scientists come into play.

A data scientist is a person who can analyze data and draw useful conclusions from it. They understand numerous analytics tools and statistical techniques.

Additionally, have strong human characteristics like reasoning, common sense, a great capacity to visualize things, and more. Data scientists gather and clean the data to make it usable before interpreting it because the raw data is never pure.

The well-known online job listing site Glassdoor includes data scientists among the Best Jobs in America. With an average yearly compensation of $96,116, the data scientist position has made it onto Glassdoor’s list of the highest-paying jobs in America.

For many top organizations, implementing data science capabilities and applications has shown to be incredibly advantageous and game-changing. These are a few instances of these use cases:

  • The multinational oil company Shell employed data analytics to foresee equipment breakdown at its installations around the world.
  • Cargill, a well-known agricultural company, helped shrimp farmers lower the fatality rate by creating mobile data tracking software.
  • The Dr Pepper Snapple Group analyzed data using machine learning to learn more about their suppliers and beverage sales.
  • The freight company in Pitt, Ohio, used predictive analytics on historical data to make 99% accurate delivery time estimates.

The applicant would want to work for the greatest organization, whether we are discussing employment as a data scientist or any other function. Organizational culture, employee compensation, and employee-friendly workplace practices and rules are used to evaluate businesses.

Here is a list of the top 7 American companies to which data scientists should submit applications for data scientist jobs and internships.

  • Numerator

Glassdoor score for the numerator: 4.1

Their top review: “Excellent work-life balance and a good working environment.”

The pay is between $1,22,000 to $1,34,000 annually for data scientists

Lead Data Scientist, earning between $1,70,000 and $1,84,000.

About the business:

Brands may get timely information from Numerator on what consumers are buying and why, and they make suggestions about the kinds of advertisements, promotions, and prices that influence consumer behaviour.

They give their customers a thorough overview of the market that directs and motivates their actions by offering market intelligence to uncover new prospects and emphasizing the business’s strategic growth paths.

They help facilitate closer connections with customers making it simple for businesses to take action and increase their top line.

  • Spin

The glassdoor score for Spins is 3.6.

Work-life balance is what you make it, according to the top review.

The salary range for data scientists is between $74,000 and $1,29,000.

The company’s profile:

Retail brands that support healthy living can benefit from the retail customer insights provided by Spins.

They analyze data and keep an eye on market trends, Enterprises that deal in natural and organic foods, as well as companies that provide goods for wellness, are among their clients, and they provide their client’s services, including performance evaluation, consumer engagement, opportunity identification, and retailer collaboration.

  • SAS Institute

Glassdoor score for SAS Institute: 3.9

The salary is about $1,01,347 per year for a data scientist

While the senior Data Scientist collects about $1,47,601 per year

Intern data scientist salary: $73,000 to $79,000 a year

The company’s profile:

SAS is a reliable analytics powerhouse for businesses looking to extract immediate value from their data.

They can serve their consumers in a way that encourages them to return. Thanks to various analytics solutions and extensive market knowledge, clients use SAS solutions to extract meaning from their data, apply it to decision-making, gain immediate advantages and feel secure about the future.

SAS assists its clients in making more informed decisions, identifying what is working and fixing what is not, and enacting pertinent change.

  • MU Sigma

The glassdoor score for MU Sigma is 3.2.

According to the best review, high professional growth rate after working here and a steep learning curve.

Associate Data Scientist: $87,000 to $95,000 per year. Data Scientist: $56,000 to $65,000 per year

The company’s profile:

MU Sigma asserts that the process from data to decision can be sped up by offering sophisticated solutions that incorporate data engineering, data science, and data decisions to support decision-making.

It is a business that provides analytics and data science services to organizations in various markets and industries, including media, technology, retail, science, finance, healthcare, and hospitality.

  • Cloudera

Glassdoor rating for Cloudera: 3.5

Great people and work-life balance are the top reviews.

$1,43,000 to $1,54,000 a year for a data scientist.

Senior Data Scientist: $1,50,000–$1,60,000 per year

The company’s profile:

Cloudera delivers enterprise data clouds with cloud-native services. It controls and secures the whole data lifecycle in any cloud or data centre, from the ingest stage through experimentation and from the Edge to AI. To automate analysis, it also leverages machine learning.

  • Splunk

Glassdoor’s rating on Splunk is 4.1

According to the top review, work-life balance and employee care are prioritized at all management levels.

$81,000 to $1,68,000 a year for a data analyst

Data Engineer, salary range: $1,66,000 to $1,78,000 per year

The company’s profile:

Splunk uses a data platform designed for the cloud to deliver outcomes across the IT, Security, DevOps, and IoT industries. By placing the data in context, its business analytics platform aids clients in visualizing and comprehending their data.

  • Narrative Science

Glassdoor rating for narrative science: 4.1

The company’s profile: To simplify analysis and data management for everyone to understand and communicate with others, Narrative Science offers a storytelling tool designed for business users.

They make it easier to investigate data insights for decision-making, access them, and comprehend them.


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