Hyperbole -Meaning and 42 examples of Hyperbole


Hyperbole -Meaning and 42 examples of Hyperbole

Meaning of Hyperbole

Hyperbole which is a Greek word for “excess”, is a figure of speech that denotes excess use of exaggeration to show emphasis. We use Hyperbole in our everyday conversations. Hyperbole is not to be taken literally but are used to make a point. Put simply, Hyperbole is the use of extreme and ridiculous overstatement, it does not compare things like metaphor and Simile. Hyperbole also adds humour and creativity in writing and in speech.

The comprehension and usage of Hyperbole in context, help comprehend the point the speaker is trying to make. Another area that Hyperbole is mostly used to a greater degree is in advertisements. In advertising a product, an excellent advertiser does not focus on the truth but rather focuses on people, which will make them want to buy the product. Through the use of Hyperbole, people relate their emotions and how they feel about something or someone.

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Hyperbole is a very efficient tool for literary writers. Below are the steps to follow when using Hyperbole in writing;

• Decide on a character you think would be suitable through the use of hyperbole.

• Think of the elements of a character you find most relevant or informative.

• Compile a list of most illustrative comparisons.

• Decide which of these elements best complement the character you’re trying to describe.

• Use hyperbole in a natural way that fits into the flow of your larger piece.

With effective use of hyperbole, you can draw your reader’s attention to the features of a character that you would like to highlight and emphasize their relevance.

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Examples of Hyperbole

Below are examples of hyperbole as used in a sentence.

  1. It took me a million years to unravel the mystery behind the leopard’s black spot.
  2. You do not know that I went through thick and thin to get you this dress.
  3. I am so hungry that I can eat a mountain of pounded yam.
  4. The northern giraffe is taller than mountain Everest.
  5. My love for Sophia is so strong that I lose every breath each time she is away from me.
  6. The laptop is better than the best.
  7. Why did you take forever to come and meet as we agreed?
  8. He has a heart the size of the planet to accommodate the whole world.
  9. Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in a million years.
  10. He is going to die of disappointment.
  11. Usain Bolt runs faster than the speed of light.
  12. This box weighs a ton.
  13. That man is as tall as a giraffe.
  14. Today is the worst day of my life.
  15. My dad will roast me alive when he comes home.
  16. Your skin is as soft as silk.
  17. She is thinner than a needle.
  18. The footballer is the greatest player of all time.
  19. I’m so hungry I could eat an elephant.
  20. Her eyes make the stars look like they are not shining.
  21. Her beauty makes the whole world stop and stare for a while.
  22. My grade last semester made me shed a million tears.
  23. I’ve read this book a hundred times.
  24. My hand hurts so much it is going to drop off.
  25. My brother is stronger than a lion.
  26. My husband is my guardian angel.
  27. Your brain is the size of a mustard seed.
  28. I’m so sad that I’m drowning in a river of tears.
  29. His blue shirt billows in the breeze like a tattered kite.
  30. I failed a thousand times before I could succeed.
  31. Your silence is killing me slowly.
  32. I almost died of laughter because of the way the president danced.
  33. It reached a point where Mr Smith was feeding on hand to mouth.
  34. I could give my arm and leg just to make you happy.
  35. Ouch! This tea is hotter than planet mercury.
  36. As I walked through the lonely road at night, I carried my heart in my hands.
  37. Joe always drinks a river of water whenever he is thirsty.
  38. I am so furious that I could bring down this building.
  39. Your faith is so small it can pass through a needle’s eye.
  40. With Jane in my life, I could conquer the world.
  41. My grandfather is older than an iroko tree.
  42. My father worked his fingers to the bone, trying to provide for us.
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