June 12: Mr Macaroni cries out for his life, police attack protesters


June 12: Mr Macaroni cries out for his life, police attack protesters

June 12 as speculated has everything except a turn of events, the desired protest planned has swung into action as activists set to awaken the modern-day Ghenghis Khan from his 6-year slumber with a demand for good governance, and other enjoyable rights natural enjoyed by citizens.

At the dawn of day, at about 8:00 am the streets of Lagos were flooded with civilians matching onwards with a variety of sign posters carrying different messages with the aim of being heard irrespective of all situated deterrents which involved the continuous display of men in camouflage, uniform and armored vehicles that have been positioned around every accessible nook and cranny nationwide.

With the different gangs of individuals banding together to change the current state of the country, Mr. Macaroni has disclosed a Supposed hit on his life as he spoke up via Twitter that a series of calls from unknown persons have threatened him against per taking in the June 12 protest.

Debo Adebayo the popular comedian, actor, activist who had initially prepared himself to become a part and parcel of the ongoing protest tweeted on Twitter that he has indeed received so many threats from unidentified contacts, and some random unknown paragon has sent different people to tell him not to step out of his house.

With the message well-received Debo, however, ignoring such has not only made a cozy spot on ground zero, but he also concluded his tweet saying he won’t be a prisoner in his own country.

“I have received so many threats from strange contacts!! They have also sent different people to tell me I must not step out!! I have everything on record!!

I will not be a prisoner in my own country!! We deserve better!! #june12thprotest #EndbadGovernmentinNigeria.”

In a related development, Report has detailed that the Nigerian police has drawn a line in the sand and shot at June 12 protesters tossing tear gas canisters into the air in order to disperse crowds of unarmed civilians led by Omowole Sowore and Deji Adeyanju in Abuja, FCT according to channels TV.

The protesters whose activities have started surfacing in metropolitan states like, Lagos, Benin, Ondo, and Fct, with their presence most felt In places like Lagos and FCT, the police had to counter-effect the large building menacing crowd of youths with placards.

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