24 kitchen tips you’d love to try


24 kitchen tips you’d love to try

The kitchen is the engine room in any home. Managing the kitchen requires enough tips. These tips help in achieving a well-prepared meal as well as a clean kitchen.

Kitchen tips are that information that helps in cooking and managing kitchen affairs.

  1. Here are few tips that can be very helpful to you in the kitchen
    One thing that so many people do is sipping garri. It is necessary for you to fry a little amount of garri and keep it in a container. It helps in killing germs.
  2. Snail can be so hectic to wash. But can be made easy if you use fermented cassava water to wash it or use lime. The slim cuts instantly.
  3. To prevent the peppery or hotness in the hand after cutting pepper, wash your hand with detergent.
  4. Some people like it when their spaghetti is not glumy. So to prevent this, add a little groundnut oil in the water while it boils. You will be surprised to see it come out single and non-sticky.
  5. Maybe in the process of pounding or cutting pepper, it enters your eyes. Just lick a pinch of salt and wait for the miracle. You will have relief in ten seconds.
  6. Mosquitoes can be found anywhere even in our kitchen. To eradicate mosquitoes, just put onions on a plate, add water and keep it in the kitchen or any place. It works well when the onions ferment well.
  7. Do you have excess fresh tomatoes and would love to preserve them? Just slice the tomatoes, put it in the oven lightly but don’t let them turn brown. Grind it until it becomes powder. Put in a container. It is well preserved.
  8. Unripe plantain and banana usually have this water and gum that sticks to utensils (knife, basin). They are usually hard to wash off. To avoid the gum from sticking to the utensils and hands, wash them with blue morning fresh or rub palm oil.
  9. Most beans are hard to soften, sometimes I wonder if we cook stones. Here is a quick remedy, cut carrot inside the beans. It makes it soften easily.
  10. To prevent beans weevil, cut onion and put in your beans.
  11. If your soup begins to sour, put charcoal while warming it. The original taste comes back.
  12. A slice of bread takes away the burnt smell from rice.
  13. Dried fish head is very nutritious. Do not throw away your fish head rather, boil them in water and use that water to cook rice or make moimoi.
  14. While cutting onions chew gum. It prevents tears.
  15. Your stew can come out with a different taste and flavour. Just fry curry leaves with onions before adding the tomato paste.
  16. Your fried egg would have a wonderful taste if you add ginger and garlic while frying.
  17. Adding salt to ogbono quickens its pounding process.
  18. To maintain the drawness of your okra soup, keep the pot open while cooking or warming.
  19. Adding vegetable oil while boiling tomato and pepper mixture prevents the water from pouring.
  20. To prevent your banana or plantain from ripping at the same time, separate it all from its bunch.
  21. If your salt becomes lumpy because of its contact with water, add few grains of rice. It will absorb the moisture.
  22. If your soup or stew is salty, add potato peel. It sucks out the salt.
  23. Add a pinch of salt to the egg while boiling to prevent it from cracking.
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